Internet Date – 4 Fabulous Activities To Do On A Second Date

4 Fabulous Activities To Do On A Second Date

You are about to go on a second date with someone you met off an online dating site after having a good first date and you are wondering what to do. 

You should pick something fun that may involve a totally new experience for the both of you.

By doing this, you will keep the date fresh and memorable for the both of you.

Here are a few ideas.

New Restaurant = New Cuisine

Perhaps you may be somewhat adventurous.

Why not use that adventurous trait to your advantage and discover a new restaurant.

If you discovered through your previous interactions on the dating site that the both of you have a curiosity about a particular type of food, this is a time to take advantage of that.

For example, if the both of you are curious about Peruvian food, then this is a time to try it out, together, for the first time.

If there is a Peruvian restaurant in your town, make a reservation. 

This can be with any kind of food that the both of you are curious about.

The joy of this is that you get to have this experience together and it can even be a somewhat bonding event.

Food, indeed, can be a way to the heart.


Sometimes the cyberspace environment of an internet dating site can get a little claustrophobic.

This is why taking things outside is a great idea. 

Having a picnic can be intimate and very romantic. 

It also allows you to take advantage of a beautiful, lazy day.

The two of you should bring food that is relatively universal and easy on the taste buds but also bring something new.

This is a dish that is unique to you.

The beauty of doing this is that, it allows the both of you the opportunity to share and while doing, get better insight into each other.

A picnic provides a tranquil environment that can put the two of you at ease.

It can provide the best environment for the both of you to get to know each other on a deeper level.


Remember the similarities that the both of you shared on the internet dating site when it came to discussing physical activity or even adventure?

Well, this is an opportunity to experience those similarities together.

This could be any kind of short excursion, i.e., walking, jogging or even a boat excursion.

The great thing about this is that when the both of you are jogging, walking or out on a boat together, you will have a fantastic opportunity to talk while enjoying the experience itself.

This is especially best if the both of you enjoy doing these types of activities.

Going on an excursion together really helps to breed and develop trust between the both of you.

Outdoor Movie

While communicating on the online dating website, you both learned about a mutual love for movies. 

Going to an outdoor movie as opposed to the traditional indoor movie date is a fantastic idea for a second date.

The advantage of going to an outdoor movie is that the both of you can have much more than just a movie experience.

In this environment, the both of you can listen and watch the movie while still being able to converse and enjoy the outdoor environment. Again, it is all about location.

A beautiful, outdoor environment can add a depth to an experience that no indoor movie theater can duplicate.

You are out in the open, able to converse, laugh and interact as opposed to being stuck in a dark room unable to communicate.

These are some great, harmless ideas for your second date with this person that you met through an online dating service.

They will allow the both of you the opportunity to not only have a fun experience together but also do it in a calm, enjoyable and non-threatening environment.