Internet Dating Advice – Why You Should Send Messages To Members That View Your Dating Profile

Internet Dating Advice – Why You Should Send Messages To Members That View Your Dating Profile

When you start internet dating, it is important to know what to do with members who view your profile but do not send you any kind of correspondence, i.e., email, wink, etc.

Now, the normal approach, especially by those who are new to internet dating, would be to ignore those members.

However, that is the wrong way to go about it and here is why.

Good Sign Of Interest

There is a good chance that by viewing your dating profile, this member is already interested in you.

Remember that they are browsing and hence are at the front end of numerous profiles.

If they actually stop and take the time to view your full online dating profile, it means that you captured their attention.

This is obviously what you should want.

Shy Person

The reason why this member may not have sent you a message after having viewed your dating profile could be for the very simple reason that they are shy.

People are still who they are even if they are using an online dating site.

If a person is shy by nature then that can easily be evident when they use an internet dating site.


A member who views your dating profile but doesn’t send you a message may also be using that as a tactic.

If this person is a little old fashioned, they may want you to make the first move.

In other words, they may be conveying the message that they want you to send them a message first.

Again, the same fear of rejection that occurs in real life is still evident in online dating.

They may be sending you a hint that they are interested but don’t want to send an actual message due to this fear.

Unsure Of How To Respond

Many people can find it hard to put the words together to send an initial message to another member on an internet dating site.

These are often people who are relatively new to internet dating and may feel a little bit intimidated by it.

This can easily be a person who is very outgoing in real life but just not very savvy with the keyboard.

As a result, they view your dating profile and are unsure of how to respond to it even though they liked it.

They May Not Be A Paying Member yet

There is also the chance that they may not be a paying member of the dating site.

This person may be curious about the dating site and is checking it out to see if this is a place that they want to join.

They come across your profile and take interest. 

However, they don’t send you a message at that time because they are not yet a paying member and are still considering whether they should join an online dating site or not.

By sending them a message, you may have just convinced them to join the internet dating site and in turn, respond to your message.

These are a few reasons why it is important not to ignore members who viewed your online dating profile but didn’t send you a message.

The important thing is to ensure that you actually click into their dating profile.

By doing this, you can find out if this member interests you and consequently send them a message.

Remember that a third of the work is already done in that they have already visited your internet dating profile. 

They are already familiar with you.

All that remains now is for somebody to take the first step.

You have to do this while you are still fresh in their memory.

If you waste too much time before responding, they may not remember you or simply may have lost interest all together.