Dating Humor: Declined

Dating Humor: DeclinedA single man hands his credit card to a waitress at the end of a dinner date in a fancy restaurant.

The waitress returns soon after and says, “Your credit card declined. Do you have another?”

“Certainly, ” he responds and hands her another.

It doesn’t take long before the waitress returns to the table.

She says, “This card declined as well. Do you have another?”

Slightly embarrassed, the man says, “Certainly.” He hands the waitress another credit card.

The waitress returns to the table soon after and says, “This card declined too. Do you have another?”

Flipping through his wallet, the man says eventually, “No, I don’t.”

They both look at his date.

She shakes her head.

The man turns his attention to the waitress and asks, “So what’s the restaurant’s policy on non-payers.”

The waitress replies, “We tend to put them on the menu. How were your lamb chops?”