Dating Humor: Double Dinner Date

Dating Humor: Double Dinner Date

Sonny is upset over the recent breakup with his girlfriend of two years, Sara.

While they were still dating, Sonny always knew that Sara’s best friend, Wanda,¬†liked him.

He decides to get back at Sara by dating Wanda.

As it so happens, Wanda invites him on a double dinner date with Sara and her new boyfriend.

Sonny sees this as a great opportunity to make Sara jealous.

After some moments of awkward silence at the dinner table, Sara says, “I can’t believe that you decided to date my best friend just to make me jealous.”

“Oh yeah? Well I can’t believe you broke up with me over a stupid comment,” Sonny retorts.

“You should have known better,” Sara says.

“There is nothing wrong with saying that you don’t look good in black.”

They all stopped and looked at Wanda.

She was wearing a black dress.

“Don’t worry dear, you look great in black,” Sonny says.

“What makes her any different from me?” Sara asks.

“For one thing, I can lie right¬†at her face and she’ll believe me.”