Online Dating – 5 Hints That Say She Wants To Meet You

Online Dating – 5 Hints That Say She Wants To Meet YouMaybe you have been conversing with her on an online dating site and the two of you are really getting along.

However, you can’t quite tell if she is interested in meeting.

Sometimes, you are sure of it and other times, you are doubtful.

Here are 5 hints.

It’s Been 3 Weeks Or More

When a conversation on an online dating site lasts longer than 3 weeks, it’s actually a very strong sign of interest.

This can be said for any online dating site.

This is probably the best way to tell, especially when you have doubts about her interest.

How long have the two of you been communicating?

Usually, in online dating, conversations start tapering off at the two week mark.

It’s very rare that a woman will continue to communicate with you on an internet dating site for 3 or more weeks if she isn’t interested in meeting.

If anything, at this point, she may be wondering why you haven’t asked her out already.

Wants To Know What You Did Over The Weekend

In your conversations on the dating site, she continuously asks about what you did over the weekend for a reason.

It’s not just because she is only curious.

She is trying to figure out the kinds of activities you participate in on your free time.

She is also wondering whether you can fit her in.

She really wouldn’t care that much about what you did over the weekend if she wasn’t picturing herself as part of it.

Take the hint.

She Is Bored

If she repeatedly sends you emails saying that she had a boring weekend, then she is dropping a hint.

The truth is, she probably didn’t have a boring weekend but she is trying to let you know that she wants to meet.

The idea behind what she is saying is that, she would appreciate someone to help alleviate the boredom.

That person is you.

Hint, hint.

Gripes About Work

The two of you have been communicating for some time now and you notice that she is repeatedly complaining about work.

Maybe she is talking about a huge workload, an annoying co-worker or a demanding boss.

She is not just telling you this because she wants a shoulder to cry on.

She is telling you this because she wants an escape.

She wants to get away.

Whether she is really having as hard of a time at work or is merely exaggerating is besides the point.

She is trying to tell you that she wants to meet.

Meeting you would be an escape from work.

Take the hint.

Sends You Photos Of Herself At A Recent Event

Though you met her on an online dating site, she is still very real.

So she went out with a few friends from work and had a great time.

She decides to share her experience with you and sends you some fun photos of herself in the event.

She is not doing this to show you just how photogenic she is.

She is doing this to inform you that she is a real person and actually has a life outside of the online dating cyberspace world.

She wants interaction with you.

Interaction that is not only confined to cyberspace.

These hints will help you be able to tell whether she wants to meet.

Online dating is a great way to meet people but sometimes you can fall into the trap of inaction.

This is because it is so easy to simply communicate via a keyboard.

But, you need to take action and ask her out.

You do this because you want to send her the right message.

You truly want to meet her.

Otherwise, those weeks of communication will go to waste because she will start to lose interest.

By the time you finally decide to ask her out, she may have found someone else on the dating site.

It would be too late.