Online Dating Websites – How To Avoid Using Them For The Wrong Reasons

Online Dating Websites – How To Avoid Using Them For The Wrong Reasons

Most people that join online dating sites do so in order to fulfill a particular need.

Most of these needs like those of love, romance, friendship, a cyberspace friend, a discreet encounter and so on are just fine.

However, it is important to understand that before plunging into online dating, you need to be certain that you are about to use it for the right reasons.

By doing this, you will save yourself and others a lot of grief.

Therefore, if the following wrong reasons apply to you, then correcting them immediately is essential before trying your hand at online dating.

Replacing Your Ex

This is often one of the most popular reasons.

Some people get on an online dating website and use them with the utmost intention of finding someone who is exactly like their ex.

In other words, they look to replace their ex with the exact same replica.

You may want to avoid doing this.

Remember that there is a good reason why this person is now your ex.

The incredible value of internet dating sites is that they provide so much choice.

If all you are doing is jumping on the internet dating bandwagon so that you can replicate your ex, then you are wasting so much valuable opportunity to expand your horizons and possibly try something a little different.

Everyone Seems To Be Doing It

Having this mindset ensures that you are coming into online dating with a lot of doubts.

You don’t want to start your online dating experience off on the wrong footing.

Just because you think everyone around you seems to be doing it doesn’t mean that you have to follow the herd, “just because.”

You see, the “just because” attitude is going to make you join the dating site as merely a person who is curious. 

You do know what curiosity did to the cat right?

Why waste your time getting into something that will die soon after because you weren’t able to invest the energy required and was merely “curious.”

Remember that many of those people you refer to who are online dating started their journey with the best of intentions.

They were not merely curious.

They were invested.

To Get Over Your Ex

If you still have unresolved emotions about your ex, those emotions absolutely need to be resolved before jumping into online dating.

Using an online dating site in order to help you get over your ex is like using it as a rebound.

The unfortunate thing about this is that it is a lose-lose situation.

In other words, whoever you meet through the dating site will never be able to help you resolve the issues that you have.

In turn, you will wind up sinking even lower emotionally than you were to begin with. 

It’s like you chose to apply a band-aid on a massive wound.

This will not heal the wound.


Unfortunately, this is another reason why some people may choose to use an online dating website.

They may seemingly use them just for the attention they receive from other members.

Well, there is really nothing wrong with wanting to receive attention.

However, there are certain sites that are actually geared towards this.

Dating sites are not the place to go to in order to win yourself some popularity points.

By using dating websites for this purpose, you are not only wasting the time of another member on the dating site who is serious about finding a companion, but you are also wasting your time.

You will eventually find yourself at the receiving end of messages from frustrated dating website members who may feel that you have been giving them the run around.

It will get very tiring having to delete these messages and it will affect you mentally in a negative way.

Networking For Your Business

Again, there is nothing wrong with using a website to network for your business. 

However, there are many websites that you can go to that will allow you to do this and are even designed for that.

A dating site is not designed for this.

What happens is that you will find yourself meeting people on dates who will not be receptive to your attempt at selling them because, they joined the dating site in order to find someone special.

If you start showing them your portfolio in the middle of your date, they will be getting up and running out of there.

As a result, you have not only wasted someone’s time but you have also gained nothing worthwhile, no business prospects and no clientele.

What you have gained on the other hand is a bad reputation.

These are some reasons why some people may join an online dating site.

It’s important to ensure that certain emotions are resolved before doing this.

Also, remember that the internet is such a massive world.

You will always find a website that caters to just about anything.

Using an online dating website for the wrong reasons will only result in a waste of your time and that of others.