Dating Humor: A Pair Of Eyeglasses


By Lucas Owen


A single man has been repeatedly coming to a prescription glasses store. He is searching for the perfect prescription glasses. The same female assistant spends countless hours fitting one pair after another on him. But he is never satisfied with any.

On his tenth visit to the store, she says in relief, “We’ve run out of glasses to┬átry on you. I guess you are going to have to make a decision today.”

The man says, “Are you sure that I have tried all of them? We might have missed some.”

The female assistant says, “I am sure that we have tried all of them. Please, make a decision.”

The man looks about the store a little then says, “When do you get your next delivery.”

She shrugs and says, “Wednesday.”

He says, “I’ll be back Wednesday.”

When the man arrives at the store on Wednesday, he notices that his favorite female assistant isn’t there. He asks another male assistant where she is. The male assistant replies, “She applied for a new position in the delivery department.”


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