What Men Want

What Men Want

Oftentimes, a wide canvas is used to paint the male characteristic.

Common statements like, “just give him regular sex” or “give him the remote” come to mind.

However, if it were that simple, this question would not need answering and you would not be reading this article.

Hence, just what do men want?

A Good Communicator

You always hear about how men do not like communicating and that they tend to keep their feelings to themselves.

Unfortunately, this does tend to happen. However, it is not for the aforementioned reason.

Men DO want to communicate and express their feelings more than you can imagine.

Oftentimes, you are the last person that they see before they put their head to the pillow to sleep.

If you are not a good communicator, they will take their daily challenges with them to bed and not say anything.

The way you become a good communicator is not by outright asking them how their day was or what they are experiencing because oftentimes they will close up and not be honest.

A Friend

So how do you become a good communicator?

You truly need to become his friend.

Contrary to popular belief that men just want a companion for companion’s sake, men actually want a partner that can truly be their friend.

A friend in this instance is someone that they are so comfortable with that they can completely be themselves around them.

They do not have to continuously try to impress them by being the MAN.

They can actually let their guard down around this person.

There is no better friend than the one to whom he shares the same bed.

Think about how you act among your closest, lifelong girlfriends.

Think about how non-judgmental and accepting you are of them.

This is how you need to be with him.

A Listener

When you have become a true friend and a communicator, you have laid the groundwork.

This is where you become a listener.

Men want someone that can truly listen to them without fear of rejection or judgment.

The thing with being a man is that so much is expected of him from society.

He is to be a good worker, provider, husband, protector and the list goes on.

When he truly has someone at the end of the day that he can talk to and will listen to him, you have made him a very happy man.


It is true that men do want sex.

There is no doubt about it. However, it is not just about the act itself.

There is a misconception that men are always happy with the physical act and nothing else.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Men love fantasy.

There is a reason why the adult entertainment industry is big business today.

They sell FANTASY.

Men love it.

So, become that fantasy.

This does not mean that you do anything that you are not comfortable doing.

However, if you truly put out the effort in fulfilling a fantasy that he has, you will go a long way in answering the titular question.

To Feel Needed

It’s true that men do want to feel needed, but not necessarily in the way you may think.

This is not about what he must do to provide or simply fulfill the masculine role that society has placed on him.

This is about the value of his opinion and his intellect.

Men often complain that their opinions have no bearing in their relationships, especially relationships that have lasted a while.

Learning to value his opinion and acting upon it, even if it strongly differs from your own is a huge step.

This makes him feel needed in a way that cannot be measured.

Hence, regardless of who you believe to be the smarter, you will not go wrong when you make it a habit to value his opinion and his intellect.