Romantic Ideas For Celebrating Your First Anniversary

Romantic Ideas For Celebrating Your First Anniversary

Your first anniversary has arrived and you are wondering how to make it a day worth remembering.

After all, this is the day you met a person who has become a big part of your life.

If you are stumped for ideas, here are a few activities that could make your day that more memorable.

Cook Or Cater In

Instead of going to a restaurant to celebrate, why not cook for the special occasion or have some catering brought in.

This allows the two of you to have a degree of freedom that you wouldn’t really have at a restaurant.

For example, during the meal you could have the lights dimmed and use candles to light the room instead.

You can also have soft music playing in the background and feed each other every now and then.

Go On A Cruise

It’s very easy to find a cruise at just about any time of the year.

They are very affordable and truly add a special touch to the celebration.

While on the cruise, you can romanticize the occasion with some wine at the bow of the ship, dance the night away and even share a romantic moment at the piano bar.

Being on or around water always makes for a very romantic setting.

A Day At The Spa Together

You can get a professional massage side by side.

Enjoy each others’ company as the massage therapist soothes those joints.

Obviously this creates a very relaxed environment.

However, it gets even better when you get to the hot tub.

This is where you can both enjoy a truly romantic and intimate moment together to commemorate your first anniversary.

Have A Lazy Day

Anniversaries don’t necessarily have to be replete with activity.

You can still have a fantastic, romantic anniversary by staying home.

The most important element to this is that you simply spend the day with each other and agree to turn off every communicative device.

Yes, that includes your cell phones.

This is a day where you simply enjoy each others’ company.

You could rent a bunch of movies and make it a marathon.

Have fun with this.

You can try different genres and become your own movie critics.

Create A Raffle Game

You can each create your own raffle tickets and put them in a bag.

Shake the bag and have a partner dip a hand into it in order to pick a ticket.

Each ticket will give your partner a clue as to where they can find their gift somewhere in or around the house.

Each gift should pique your partners curiosity.

This is a fun way to share time together while playing an engaging game.

Get Fake Tattoos

Go to a tattoo parlor and go wild.

Get some fake tattoos that commemorate your anniversary with some funny or meaningful phrases and symbols.

Have fun with this.

When your partner inspects your tattoos, discovering what each tattoo signifies, there will be a lot of cheering and perhaps even happy tears.

Later that day, you can share a fun and intimate moment washing the tattoos off each other in a shower or at a bathtub.

Go On A Bicycle Ride

Rent a couple of bicycles and go on a leisurely bike ride.

With the breeze in your faces, you will have a wonderful time together.

At the end of it, you can stop by a dairy store and share an ice cream sundae or ice cream sandwich to cool off.

Have A Picnic

It’s your day.

A nice, peaceful picnic at a park will be just as much fun as anything else.

Afterward, play a game of catch, take a walk or lay together and people watch.