Dating Humor: An Announcement

Dating Humor: An Announcement

Brenda and Trevor, a happy couple, will announce their engagement at Trevor’s upcoming family reunion.

During the reunion, the couple attempt to get everyone’s attention.

However, the task proves difficult.

Some family members are already drunk and others are verbally arguing. 

After an eternity of trying to get everyone’s attention without success, the couple decide to forego the announcement.

At the end of the festivities, Brenda and Trevor say their goodbyes.

“It was nice meeting you,” his uncle Reginald says just as he notices his child sneak behind a sitting female family member about ready to drop a fire ant into her blouse.

“Russell, don’t you dare!” Uncle Reginald hollers as he storms off in Russell’s direction.  

Brenda and Trevor walk to their vehicle in the parking lot.

As they sit inside, a disappointed Brenda asks, “Is this what I have to look forward to?”

Starting the car, Trevor says, “Don’t worry dear, they only act like this at big events.”