Dating Humor: Milk

Dating Humor: MilkCindy is single and lives alone in her condo apartment.

One day, she realizes that she has run out of milk.

She goes out into the hallway of her condo complex and knocks on the door of her next door neighbor.

This is a neighbor that she has seen only in passing and has never really had a conversation with.

When he opens his door, she asks, “Hi, I am your next door neighbor. I hope this isn’t any trouble but I was wondering if you had any milk. I seem to have run out.”

The neighbor stares at her without responding.

“Um, milk? Do you have any?”

He continues to look at her without responding and appears confused.

After standing there for a few more awkward silent moments, Cindy says, “Well, thanks anyway.” She returns to her apartment. “What a weirdo,” she thinks.

Soon, there is a knock on her door.

Cindy opens it.

Standing there is her neighbor with another man.

The other man says in reference to her neighbor, “He is from a foreign land and understands very little English but he will gladly accept your proposal. Will 6 cows as a marriage dowry be enough?”