Online Dating Humor: Eager Jenna

Online Dating Humor: Eager Jenna

Jenna is a happy and eager woman, perhaps a little too eager at times.

When she meets Dan through a local dating service, she feels like her prayers have finally been answered.

Dan feels the same way.

Upon conversation with Jenna, Dan also learns that they both have a mutual fondness for cats.

Dan sees that as an excellent opportunity for the both of them to go to a local pet store and pick one out because he is looking to buy one.

At the local pet store, they walk from stall to stall viewing the cats on show.

Eventually, Dan spots one that catches his attention.

It is a very cute Calico with a nice combination of white, black and orange color on his very cute face.

Dan takes the cat out and appreciates how well the cat responds to petting.

“Isn’t he adorable,” Dan says.

“Gorgeous,” Jenna replies as she starts petting him as well.

“I think he likes you,” Dan says, just as the cat purrs.

Jenna chuckles and continues to pet the cat.

After much petting, Dan decides to buy the Calico.

He puts the cat that is now in a kennel in the backseat.

As they drive to his house, Dan is very happy about his purchase.

He talks on and on about how he loves cats and has always felt a little odd because most of the women he had dated in the past hated cats but loved dogs.

He was truly grateful that she shared the same passion.

After talking for a while, Dan notices that Jenna hasn’t said anything.

“Aaaarrggh!” Dan screams.

Next to him on the front passenger seat was a woman whose face had ballooned to such rounded proportions that her head looked like a pumpkin.

Her face was so swollen he could barely make out her lips when she spoke;

“S..s..sorry,” she lisps, “I really like cats. It’s just that I am a little aller….gic to them.”