When You Have A Picture Of Yourself With A Dog In Your First Dating Profile Pic?

When You Have A Picture Of Yourself With A Dog In Your First Dating Profile Pic?

Dog pictures are triggering.

Women love dogs.

A picture of yourself with a dog in your first dating profile pic does catch the eye.

Don’t be fooled though.

Yes, women love dogs and the visual of you with one does make them stop.

The thing is, you have drawn their attention to the dog with your very first dating profile pic.

Although this could entice them to want to chat with you, their primary thought is of the dog.

What normally happens is that their first conversation with you is going to be centered around that dog.

So, you see, you got her to see your dating profile and take notice, thanks to the dog, but now, she is more concerned with talking about the dog than about you.

Now, you might say that she is bound to stop talking about the dog at some point and progress to talking to you about other topics.

True, that could happen.

Notwithstanding, her main reason for having a conversation with you in the first place was because of the dog pictured with you in your first dating profile pic.

As the topic of the dog draws to a close, it’s very difficult to get her to be as excited to talk about other topics that concern you.

You gave her a dopamine high when you decided to use a picture of yourself with a dog as your first dating profile pic.

Now that this part of the conversation has been had, she is coming down from that high and anything else you two talk about would be hard-pressed to match up to that original high that you gave her.

So, in a way, you have made the task of keeping her interested in you that much harder.

This is the danger you run into when you use a picture of yourself with a dog as your first dating profile pic.

You run the risk of having her interested in conversation with you primarily because of the dog she saw on your dating profile and not because of you as a person, making any consequent conversation about you as a person pale in comparison.

Yes, seeing you with a dog does give her various insights into who you must be as a person.

You own a dog, so you must be responsible and capable of caring for something else besides yourself.

You own a dog, so you must be sensitive, capable of giving said dog emotional attention as so many dogs require.

You own a dog, so you aren’t a hermit, being that you have to take your dog out for walks.

This lets her know that you aren’t sitting at home all day playing video games.

Sure, there are a number of positive thoughts that she attributes to a guy who owns a dog.

Yet, in making your dog be the focal point of your introduction to her, you have created a herculean task in keeping her interested after conversation about the dog has waned.

On top of this, lots of women on dating apps are aware that there are men who use pictures of themselves with their dogs on their first dating profile pic to capture the attention of women.


You thought you were the only guy who uses this trick?

Lots of other guys know this trick.

Especially, the desperate guys.

Being that men swipe right on almost every dating profile that is presented to them as a match on dating apps, women are receiving endless matches throughout the day.

It doesn’t take long for her to put two and two together when she sees a significant number of these dating profiles bearing pics of men with their dogs as their first dating profile pic.

At first, it was cute.

But now, she sees right through what is happening.

Maybe in the beginning, while she was very much an online dating novice, that tactic would have worked.

She isn’t a novice anymore.

With this foreknowledge, she might still choose to match with you so as to talk about the dog out of curiosity.

She is curious about the species of the dog or you have the exact breed of dog she has.

Sometimes, she just wants to tell you that the dog is cute but has no real intention of having an ongoing conversation with you.

The dog in the picture trick doesn’t work on dating apps like it once did.

Instead of using a pic like this as your first dating profile pic, you are better off including it as one of a multitude of pictures that showcase other facets of your personality and lifestyle within your dating profile.

Keep your first dating profile pic focused on you.

This way, you come off as more authentic and avoid appearing as though you are desperate, trying too hard to get women to swipe right on your profile.