Should Guys Lose The Selfies In Their Dating Profiles For More Candid Pictures Of Themselves?

Should Guys Lose The Selfies In Their Dating Profiles For More Candid Pictures Of Themselves?

Selfies on dating sites are ubiquitous.

As you swipe or scroll through dating profiles, selfies abound with such regularity, these guys might as well be related.

Losing the selfies is a positive move.

Girls are interested in seeing candid pictures that showcase a guy’s life and personality.

Selfies are intrinsically vain.

It gives the impression that the guy cares about himself, his looks and not much else.

What does a guy like this offer a potential partner?

Save his narcissistic tendencies as evidenced by his selfies, there isn’t much else he offers.

Women who are in search of guys with substance aren’t turned on, as they observe these selfies overwhelm a guy’s dating profile.

There was a bygone era when selfies were a fad.

Everyone thought they were amazing.

Thanks to the advent of smartphones, cameras were no longer required to snap a picture.

With a camera, people have an innate propensity to do the work required to get a good shot.

There is attention given to the shot itself and how good it looks through the camera lens.

With smartphones, that work went out the window.

All we had to do was point this rectangular device at our faces and press a button.

It was quick and effortless.

At first, it was nice not having to take a photo that required work to set up and light, as you would a camera.

But being that we as human beings gravitate to what requires the least amount of work, we took it too far.

Suddenly, instead of doing the work to create nice photos like we used to with cameras, we reverted to taking selfies of ourselves.

It was so quick and effortless, we could do it in our bathrooms, bedrooms, cars, basements, etc.

The habit pervaded throughout our society and once the age of social media and dating sites arrived, we were addicts to snapping selfies.

Old habits die hard.

Many of these guys go the lazy route when they post selfies to their dating profiles, instead of candid pictures where they showcase themselves performing an activity or doing anything of substance.

It doesn’t help that we live in a society of likes, thanks to the advent of the internet.

Likes on our pictures, comments, etc., are like a drug to us.

We wake up checking our smartphones to see how many likes we received on a post we made to our social media.

This is how some of us initiate our day.

We are grabbing our smartphones and checking for likes.

The more likes, the better we feel about ourselves, as it encourages us to go about our day with a bounce to our step.

The less likes, the less good we feel about ourselves, pushing us to stay in bed longer and be unproductive.

It is an epidemic of sorts.

Many of those social media posts have selfies on them that receive likes.

This sends the wrong message.

These guys believe that those selfies deserve to be posted on their dating profile due to how many likes they received on their social media.

Before you know it, you are swiping or scrolling through dating profiles and inundated with selfies.

We are collectively to blame for this.

We were too accepting of the selfies when they became a thing.

Now, we are stuck with a bunch of guys who think that girls on dating sites equate to their followers on social media.

Girls don’t.

These guys learn this the hard way as their dating profiles are overlooked by the same girls they hope to attract.

Don’t be lazy guys.

A girlfriend isn’t going to happen if you don’t do the work, and it starts with the pictures you post on your dating profiles.