How To Know When You Have Gone From Dating To A Relationship

How To Know When You Have Gone From Dating To A Relationship

If you have been dating someone for a while, you may or may not be aware that the both of you are already in a relationship.

Perhaps this is what you want or perhaps it isn’t.

Either way, there are some signs that will surely give you a hint as to whether this is the case.

Placement Of Belongings

Do you have quite a few of your belongings at their place or the other way around?

This is not just about having a few items of clothing at each others’ place.

It is a little bit more personal than that.

If you have your toothbrush, favorite shampoo, electric shaver or female hygiene products at the others’ place, this is a sure sign that you are in a relationship.

Using The Bathroom

If you are not only comfortable using the bathroom at their place but also can do so with them nearby or within earshot, you have moved into a relationship.

When you can do this and do it often, you have gone beyond a certain barrier and reached a level of familiarity.

This is one of the best ways to judge just how comfortable a person is with someone else.

Personalized Nicknames

When you have cute nicknames for each other and use them on a consistent basis, you have entered a relationship.

Using generic terms like honey, sweetie or love are decent indicators. However, what really screams the fact that you are in a relationship is when you use a nickname that is more personal.

For example, you may call them a nickname like ‘Toto’ just because they remind you of a person or fictional character you came across as a child.

It really could be anything.

The point is, you both have nicknames for each other that no one else is familiar with.

Invited To Family Functions

If you constantly find yourself being invited to meet the parents, attend a family graduation, go to a wedding, even attend a funeral, you have entered relationship territory.

Requesting your presence at these events indicates that this person has reached a high level of trust with you.

When they want you to be around their family and consistently invite you to family functions, you are being told in no uncertain terms that your dating has gone into relationship territory.

Free Time Spent Together

If you find that more and more of your free time is being spent with this person, you are most likely in relationship territory.

Your free time is precious to you. It’s a time that you use to catch up on errands that require attention, meet up with friends or family, or just simply relax.

When you find yourself spending the majority of these moments with this other person, including your weekends, you are in a relationship.

Comfortable With Silence

When you notice that the both of you can be around each other for lengthy periods of time without saying anything and be absolutely comfortable with that, you are in a relationship.

Silence tends to breed anxiety when two people are only dating.

When there is any period of lengthy silence whether during a date or at the others’ home, both parties tend to feel awkward.

However, if you find that there is none of this awkwardness during a lengthy period of silence, you have both reached a level of comfort that can only be found when two people have entered a relationship.

Hence, be advised.

If a relationship is what you want, well, you have it.

If that is not want you want, well, you have it anyway.