How To Be A Good Boyfriend

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

Being a good boyfriend in a relationship is key to making that relationship healthy and durable.

As familiarity builds, you could be tempted to simply go into autopilot and let the relationship go into cruise control mode.

Understanding that the key to any lasting relationship is the consistent and positive work you put into it, here are some ways to be a good boyfriend.

Listen To Her

Make it a habit to actually ‘listen’ to her and not just play act like you are listening.

Oftentimes men can have one ear on her and the other somewhere else.

It’s very important to always pay attention to what she is saying even if you may find the topic uninspiring.

She will love you for the fact that you listen to her and appreciate you more.

Be Affectionate

Don’t be afraid of showing affection both indoors and out.

Women love men who are affectionate.

Even though you may consider yourself an alpha male, do try to display affection.

It could be something as simple as letting her lay her head on your shoulder on occasion, linking hands or giving her a massage every now and then.

Affection can go a long way with women and will make you very special in her eyes.


You should accept her for who and what she is today.

When people enter a relationship, they can easily be tempted to want to know every seedy detail about their partner’s past, including their past lovers.

Ensure that you avoid trying to find out more and more intimate details about her past relationships.

It’s a different thing altogether if she is willingly telling you about them but you shouldn’t force her to do so.

She will appreciate that you accept her and that you are non-judgmental.

Be Spontaneous

Surprise her often with fun gifts or special gestures.

You can plan a surprise weekend getaway trip, a day for pampering at the spa, a gift certificate to her favorite department store, complete detailing of her car, tickets to her favorite show, an elaborate bubble bath and the list goes on.

Being thoughtful is an invaluable way to be a good boyfriend.

Go Shopping With Her

For the most part, women do love to shop. Though this may not be what you see yourself doing on a beautiful Saturday morning, do make the effort to shop with her.

Be assured that she does realize what you are doing.

Every time you put out the effort to go shopping with her, she is loving you more and more for it and you are showing just how good of a boyfriend you are.


Women love it when you communicate with them.

There is no doubt that you have come across instances when she has said something like, “Tell me what you are thinking.”

Being communicative with her is a plus in your relationship.

Do not be afraid to let your guard down and be honest.

The more honest and communicative you are with her, the more she will value you in her life.

Bedroom Talk

Be bold and ask her what she likes being done to her in the bedroom and how she likes it.

Often, women may be unwilling to reveal just how they like it and men may simply think that they are doing it right.

No one knows their body better than she does.

Start asking her and see just how much she will appreciate you for it.