Online Dating Humor: Her Type

Online Dating Humor: Her Type

A woman has re-entered the dating scene.

The use of internet dating services has allowed her to date many men in the last few months.

She has been on so many dates that it’s been hard for her to keep track of them.

However, she does know that she only dates men with long hair, tattoos and that scruffy look.

Today, she has another date planned at 6 pm.

Before the date, she goes to the saloon to get her hair done.

She notices a clean-cut man getting his hair done as well.

He looks very familiar.

She can’t figure out why.

On her way out, she stops by the man’s chair.

“Excuse me but you look awfully familiar,” she says.

The man replies, “We dated for about 45 minutes in high school. Then you saw your first hippie.”