Online Dating Humor: Book Of Checklists

Online Dating Humor: Book Of Checklists

A single woman, recently divorced, wants to get back into the dating scene.

She decides to join an online dating service.

She goes on several good dates with men but is yet to date one that sparks romantic chemistry.

When she goes out with Sam, she instantly feels that romantic chemistry that she has been longing for.

He seems to feel the same way.

They go out for months and do a lot of activities together.

However, one day, at a dinner date, Sam breaks the bad news. “I am sorry Madelaine but I don’t think this is going to work out?”

Surprised, Madelaine asks, “Why?”

Sam brings out a thick book.

“What is that?” Madelaine asks.

“It’s my Book Of Checklists,” Sam replies. “You met all of my requirements in a mate except one. And unfortunately, that is the most important one of them all.”

Sam opens the book and turns it over so that she can read the page.

Moments later, Madelaine looks up and says, “How was I supposed to know that you like your toes tickled while you sleep?”

“See. If you were truly The One, you would know that.”