Online Dating Humor: The Cable Van

Online Dating Humor: The Cable Van

Internet dating has proven to be a success for Ben who is about to meet Becky for a second date at a fancy restaurant downtown.

Unfortunately, his personal vehicle is still in the repair shop due to some engine trouble.

Ben, who works for a cable company decides to take a company van to the date as he feels that he has no choice at such short notice.

While having a great dinner date with Becky, a woman walks up to their table. “I don’t mean to interrupt your dinner but I was wondering if you could tell me why your cable company overcharges me month after month on my cable bills.”

“What was that?” Ben asks.

“You are the one with the cable van aren’t you?” the woman asks, pointing to the van parked outside.


“I need to understand these charges because I’m about ready to switch to another cable company.”

The woman crosses her hands and waits for an answer that better be good.

“Wait a second, you work for Post Cable?” Becky asks after glancing at the cable van outside.

Nervously scratching his jaw, Ben says, “Yes.”

Becky smirks at him, turns to the woman standing at their table and says, “Ma’am have you had dinner yet? I believe Ben is about to make up for all the overcharged monthly bills that we have both been getting.”