Dating Humor: Duel On The Balcony

Dating Humor: Duel On The BalconySteven introduces his single friend, Bradley, to Pamela at a house party.

The two start talking and discover that they have a lot in common.

They decide to go out to the balcony in order to have more privacy and chat.

At the balcony, they chat for a while, then Bradley offers to refill her drink.

Pamela agrees.

Bradley leaves to refill her drink. When he returns, a big burly guy is talking to Pamela.

He is wearing a black leather vest and has multiple tattoos of knifes, snakes, naked females and a popular TV Show.

“Excuse me, but I believe I was talking to her,” Bradley says.

“Piss off Scrawny!” the big, burly guy says.

Bradley swallows nervously. “What did you say?”

“You heard me Scrawny, piss off!”

Not wanting to be humiliated in front of Pamela, Bradley says, “I am sorry but do….,” he cleared his throat, his legs beginning to quiver, “…do you want to take this outside?”

The big burly guy turns and walks over to a trembling Bradley, hulking over him. “You think you are a tough guy? You want to go outside and handle this man to man then?!”

Bradley’s mouth starts quivering, “Ye…yes.”

They stare into each other’s eyes for what seemed like forever, then the big burly guy says, “Alrighty, I’ll be on my way then. Nice knowing you.”

The big burly guy hurriedly walks away and disappears from the balcony.

Bradley walks over to Pamela and hands her the drink.

She was very impressed. “Wow, I guess you scared him off, tough guy.”

“No, not really. A new episode of CHICKS DIG BIKERS starts in a few minutes.”