Dating Humor: A Really Bad Case Of The…

Dating Humor: A Really Bad Case Of The...After catching the bridal bouquet at a friend’s wedding, Evelyn, a single woman, finally believes that her bad luck with men is about to change.

She wonders who this future partner will be.

Perhaps it will be her next door neighbor?

No, he is old enough to be her granddad.

Maybe the new guy who works in the cubicle next to hers?

No, he wears too much cologne.

How about her mechanic?

He is single.

No, his teeth are really gross.

She daydreams about this mystery man every day even while she is at the office where she works as a receptionist.

When a handsome man walks in one day for an appointment with her boss, she instantly feels a connection with him.

She believes that he is the one.

While he is at the appointment in her boss’s office, she applies a little bit more extra make-up, straightens out her hair and unbuttons a few buttons on her blouse.

When the handsome man comes out, she is sure that he will ask her out but he simply smiles at her and keeps going.

“Mr Dane,” she calls out.

The man stops.

“Is there something you wanted to say to me?” she asks, knowing full well that this was the moment.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I did. A good way to get rid of a really bad case of the chicken pox is to use some Diothilin Ointment. It worked for my son when he had it. Take care.” He walks away.

Evelyn pulls out a vanity mirror from her purse and looks at her face and thinks, “Why would he call her birthmarks chicken pox?”