Dating Humor: Truth Or Dare

Dating Humor: Truth Or DareIt’s Saturday and a couple are having a lazy day at home.

The man decides that he wants to play the game TRUTH or DARE.

The woman doesn’t like the game. However, this is his favorite game and the man pleads for an hour until she finally agrees to play.

He dares her to open the window and flash the neighbors.

She does.

She dares him to rake all the dead leaves around the house, gather up all the trash within the house and put it all outside for the sanitation truck to pick up.

It takes him an hour to complete the task, but he does.

He dares her to call a complete stranger on the phone and talk dirty to him for 5 minutes.

She does.

She dares him to fix the broken porch landing in the backyard.

It takes him two hours to finish, but he does.

He dares her to answer the front door naked and pay the pizza delivery guy.

She does.

She dares him to replace all the tiles in both the master bathroom and the kitchen.

After 4 hours of backbreaking labor, he is done.

She waits for a dare.

“Honey, I think we have played enough for one day, don’t you think?” he says, his body drenched in sweat.

She responds, “Tomorrow is Sunday. Can we play again?”