Online Dating Tips – 3 Ways To Keep Him Interested In Your Emails

Online Dating Tips – 3 Ways to Keep Him Interested In Your Emails

Online dating has grown tremendously.

You may be surprised at the number of people you know or may be acquainted with who have tried online dating.

If you choose to do the same, you will enter a world that presents a lot of opportunity.

If you begin to communicate with a guy that you like on an internet dating site, then you have began a process that could lead to a meeting or who knows, maybe even a relationship.

However, to reach this point, you have to keep him interested in your emails so that he doesn’t lose focus.

Here are a few ways you can do this.

Flirt With Him

Men are used to initiating conversation and having to make the first move.

It really is one of society’s unwritten rules of courtship.

This is no different on an internet dating site.

However, taking the initiative here could seriously work in your favor.

When the two of you start communicating, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to flirt with him every now and then.

It doesn’t have to be anything blatantly sexual.

It could be as harmless as referring to the photos on his profile and asking him if he works out.

This is an indirect compliment to him and will make him feel good.

You could even mention how complimented you are that he took notice of your profile.

Again, this helps by putting a smile on his face and hence keeping him interested.

Be Consistent In Asking Him General Questions About Himself

Using icebreaker questions can be very effective when asking him general questions.

If you can come up with general questions that keep the conversations light at first, you will be able to keep his interest.

Being on an online dating site always makes people feel a little cautious about how to communicate on the outset.

By initially asking general questions, everyone is at a safe place and no one feels threatened.

People love to talk about themselves.

There is nothing innately wrong with this.

It is just human nature.

When you keep him talking about himself, you are also keeping him engaged.

Hopefully, he reciprocates in asking you questions about yourself.

However, by constantly getting him to tell you more about himself which ultimately leads to you learning new details about him, he will feel like you have a genuine interest in him.

This will keep him interested in your emails.

Make Him The Teacher

You will discover specific details about him as you ask him general questions about himself on the internet dating site.

For example, he may love sports.

He is a man, you know that he has a favorite team or a favorite sport that he follows.

This is where you want to do what many women tend to avoid because they are just not that into sports; you want to comment about something related to his favorite team or sport.

To do this, you want to be as detailed as possible.

Get some information on his favorite team or sport and ask him questions about it.

For example, he may love golf and you ask him a question like, “What is a bogey?,” or what it means when a player says, “I got a good break?”

By doing this, he will feel like you are taking interest in what he loves even though you may not really like golf.

This will keep him very interested in your emails.

Using an online dating site is a great move in your quest for a companion.

However, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is failing to keep whoever they are communicating with engaged.

It is so easy to lose interest when there are so many other prospective matches that a person can find.

Therefore, try to use these methods to keep him interested in your emails and you just might get that first date that leads to many more.