Online Dating Statistics – 15 Shocking Facts

Online Dating Statistics – 15 Shocking Facts

This snapshot analysis of the online dating phenomenon will surprise many. 

It provides a lucid picture of just how far online dating has come.

Here are 15 shocking facts about online dating.

1. 44 million Americans use online dating services

This is a shocking statistic.

Essentially it means that about 40 percent of the entire single population in the U.S use dating services.

2. 125,000 marriages a year 

People truly do find love in online dating. 

To have these many marriages a year as a direct result of people who find love online is startling.

3. 53 percent of American women and 48 percent of American men use dating sites

The numbers are quite close but do show a large number of both sexes engaging in online dating.

4. 86 percent of women and 67 percent of men choose personality over looks

This is a shocking fact that really lays to rest the concept that most people are merely after physical looks on online dating sites.

Personality does go a long way indeed.

5. Age group 18-34 make up 50 percent of online dating population

This is a large number that does reflect upon just how technologically connected this generation is.

6. Age group 35-44 make up 24 percent of dating population

This isn’t half bad either.

7. Age group 45-54 make up 15.7 percent of dating population

Not to be left behind by their predecessors.

8. Age group 55 and above make up 11 percent of dating population  

The baby boomers are catching on as well.

9. 3 most frequent lies are about age, weight and height

It is innately human to want to be younger, weigh less and be taller. 

This shocking fact is to be expected.

10. 90 percent of scammers are on non-paying dating sites

This is a shocking figure that draws attention to the importance of choosing a dating site wisely.

In this event, a premium dating site is obviously the best choice.

11. 51 percent of men on online dating sites average 8 dates a year

Interesting figure.

12. 58 percent of women on online dating sites average 4 dates a year

Less dates than men. 

This does elucidate the real life fact that women tend to be a little bit more selective than men in the dating department.

13. Men of age 48 and older receive the most messages from single women

This does make sense.

Must be rough for these 48 year old men.

Talk about being in demand.

14. Married couples who met online have an average courting period of 18 months

This figure is particularly interesting when compared to the average courting period of married people who met offline.

That number is 42 months.

15. 1 out of every 3 first dates result in sex 

You be the judge of this one.

Regardless of your opinions on these facts, there is no doubt that online dating has become extremely popular.

It is actually predicted that the online dating frenzy will continue to grow by 25 percent every year for the next five years.

That’s a lot of growth.

With that in mind, it is not shocking that 1 in 5 singles has dated someone they met online.

Could you be the next?