How To Attract Women


By Lucas Owen


Attracting women is not as complicated as some might think. Yes, without a doubt, being famous, notorious or wealthy can go a long way in attaining this but there are other ways that any man can use to achieve the goal of attracting women.

Social Proof

You may or may not heard of this term before. What this simply means is that you create a large network of both male and female friends around you. The reason why women are attracted to this is because it makes you appear social and it also gives them a sense of reassurance that all these other people like being around you. That makes them curious as to why you are so special and it also makes them want to be around you as well.

Develop A Cavalier Attitude

Women love men who come off as though they don’t need them and are turned off by men who appear desperate. Developing a cavalier attitude towards women simply means that you act like you don’t really care whether they pay you any attention or not, nor are you in any way smitten by their beauty. As much as women may act like they tire of male attention, they still enjoy getting it. If you treat them like they are just like any other person and nothing particularly special, they will want to get your attention because you are different from what they are used to.

Pay Attention To How You Dress

Men are easy. They can throw on a shirt, a pair of pants and shoes without too much thought and be on their way. Women are the exact opposite in this regard. The way you dress can play a huge role in attracting women. Women like men who have a good sense of attire. This does not mean that you have to be dressed like a model every time you leave the house. It simply means that whether you are wearing a t-shirt or a suit, you should look presentable. Your shoes are important too. Ensure that they are clean and don’t look like you have been wearing them since you were in diapers.

Pay Attention To Personal Grooming

Just as the way you dress is important, so is your personal grooming. Whether you are clean shaven or have a beard, always ensure that your look is well groomed and maintained. Women are attracted to men who value the way they appear and their cleanliness. That also goes to making sure your fingernails are clean. Your teeth are also important. Women love a good, clean set of teeth, so be sure to take care of them.

Be A Leader

Women are very attracted to assertive men. There is a reason why the lion who runs his own pride gets to mate with the lioness in the wild. Being a leader creates a magnetic air of attraction around you that women will find hard to resist. They will be drawn to that because it’s a powerful aura. When you can be the leader in social settings and have the final say, women will be attracted to you in droves.

Bodily Maintenance

By no means do you have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, not even close. However, you do have to take care of yourself physically. In other words, you have to maintain a good bodily appearance. Women are not as visually stimulated by bodily appearance as men are but they do care about it. Keeping your body in good shape goes a long way in attracting women. It gives them the sense that you are a person who cares about their health and appearance. That in turn makes you a person that they would like to be around.

All of these can be done. Some may take more time than others but in the end, the fact is, you don’t have to be a movie star or something crazy like that in order to attract women. Simply making a few adjustments in your everyday life can make all the difference.


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