Online Dating – How To Create And Upload Your Photos

Online Dating - How To Create And Upload Your Photos

Online dating profiles with photos are 15 times more likely to get a response than online dating profiles without photos.

If you want to dramatically increase your chances of meeting someone online, you have to be open to putting photos on your dating profile.

There is a simple process to this.

Get A Digital Camera

The best photos to upload on online dating sites are digital ones.

People often make the mistake of taking photos with their phones, webcams and old cameras and typically fail.

Those photos can be very unclear and uncomplimentary.

A photo taken by digital camera is best and clearest.

If you don’t have a digital camera, buy one at your local electronics store.

There are many affordable ones.

Buy A USB Cable

Make sure you buy a USB cable.

It can be found in any electronics store and may even come with a new digital camera.

You should get one of average length.

Take A Clear Photo

You should take your photo in a place with good lighting.

Don’t just rely on your digital camera’s flash.

It may not always provide the clearest photo possible.

Take the photo in a well-lit room or even outside during the daytime.

Make sure it is a full head shot that is face forward.

Sometimes people take photos with their cameras pointed from above or to the side.

Bad idea.

It only causes your face to be obscure.

Keep it simple.

Take a photo from the front.

Connect USB Cable From Camera To Computer

Connect your USB cable from your camera’s USB port(look for the USB sign on your camera) to your computer.

You can look for the USB sign on your computer too and plug the USB cable into it.

The camera’s photos will upload into your computer after you grant it access.

Name the photo file whatever you want as long as it is easy for you to identify later.

Upload Photos From Your Computer To The Dating Site

When the dating site gives you the option to upload a photo to your online dating profile, accept it.

It may then give you the option to “Browse.”

Click on that option.

This will open up another screen which is your computer’s saved files.

Click on the file that you named for your photos earlier.

Select the photo you want to upload.

Click on that photo.

The photo will automatically populate into the dating website.