This Guy I Met Through An Online Dating Site Stood Me Up Twice, Should I Give Him One More Chance?

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If this guy you met through an online dating site stood you up twice, you shouldn’t give him one more chance. The first time should honestly have been a warning sign to you. Being stood up is a very strong sign of a lack of true interest from someone. It also shows to some extent, a lack of respect. It’s a lack of respect for your time and your company.

If you let him off easy the first time around that he stood you up and now he has done so again, you have got to learn your lesson and let this one go. If you were to give him yet another chance, he will begin to feel like he can get away with this no matter what. This will set a very bad precedent for any relationship. You shouldn’t put yourself in this position.

It is very important to always respect yourself when it comes to dating. Even if you met this guy through an online dating site, the same rules of respect and courtesy should always apply. In order for a relationship to truly work, there has to be some mutual respect for each other right from the start. Clearly, this guy you met through an online dating site is not showing you any of that.

He may have given you what seemed like a good excuse for why he stood you up the second time but understand that he has already done this before. Since he knew that he got away with it the first time, you may have emboldened him to do it yet again.

Respect yourself and let this be. You shouldn’t give him one more chance. You have to understand that you deserve better and can do better. When you allow yourself to constantly be placed in this position, it can begin to affect your sense of self esteem.

It can also put you in the position where you start letting guys get away with even worse behavior. The reason for this is that once they notice that you will forgive them every time they stand you up, they may start trying to get away with more. This is the last thing you should want.

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