How Do You Ask A Guy You Met Online For His Number

How Do You Ask A Guy You Met Online For His Number

A good way to ask a guy that you met online for his number is to ask him if he’d like to meet for a chat.

If you have been interacting with this guy online for a while, it should be easier for you to do this.

If the conversations have been interesting and he has been actively participating in them, your chances of getting a yes from him are strong.

At the point he says yes, you can then move on to exchanging numbers.

You shouldn’t allow a conversation or interaction with a person that you met online to drag on for too long.

This is what a lot of people who meet online tend to do.

They drag out the interaction online for weeks, even months, until it gets to the point where one party loses interest and fades away.

The online medium is very busy.

There are lots of distractions.

If you don’t make a real effort to meet within a reasonable time of your interaction with a guy you met online, he can easily move on to someone else online.

Hence, asking for his number is a lot easier when you set a goal to meet.

It will feel more natural both for you and for him.

It should be done with purpose.

If you start trying to find ways to avoid asking for the number after you have both agreed on a meet simply hoping that he has gotten the hint and will do the asking, you are approaching this the wrong way.

You should always be sure of yourself.

When you ask for the meet and the guy agrees, you should get his number with confidence and sound like you are excited to meet him.

This will show him that you truly have an interest in him and may get him even more excited to meet you.