Online Dating: When A Conversation Suddenly Ends Without Explanation?

Online Dating: When A Conversation Suddenly Ends Without Explanation?

No matter how good you thought the conversation was going, the person could just as easily be having an even better conversation with someone else on the online dating site.

People are stumped when a really good conversation they were having with someone suddenly ends without explanation, sometimes right in the middle or heart of that conversation.

They thought they were establishing a connection with the person and were getting really excited about how well the conversation was going.

Then, out of nowhere, the conversation suddenly ends without explanation.

You tell yourself that something legitimate must have come up.

Surely, this person didn’t just end a remarkable conversation for no reason.

It makes you feel better to believe that something unexpected must have come up and that this person resumes the conversation in good time.

You wait.

In the meanwhile, you look through more of your matches and do some swiping.

After some time has passed, the person is still yet to return to the conversation.

You check to see if their online dating profile is still there.

You are wondering whether their account has somehow disappeared or been lost.


It is still there.

To make things even more befuddling, it shows that they are currently active.

You don’t get it.

Why aren’t they resuming their conversation with you when they are clearly using the online dating site in real time.

It takes some internal monologue as the reality of what just happened hits you, this person suddenly ended the conversation without explanation on purpose.

This baffles you?

The both of you were making such a great connection.

You are tempted to message the person asking about why they did this.

You think it is rude and unacceptable that someone behaves in this way.

You refrain from messaging this person.

You decide that you are simply overreacting and there is a perfectly logical explanation as to why this person suddenly ended the conversation.

You try to be patient.

Days go by and still no continuation of the conversation.

You finally fully accept that the person chose to end the conversation on purpose.

It is not a good feeling.

People are conducting multiple conversations with different potential matches on dating sites.

The conversation that you were having with this person wasn’t the only one that they were involved in.

You are new to this person.

You only just started talking recently.

Meanwhile, this person has been on the dating site for weeks conducting conversations with multiple people.

Some of those people are great dating prospects.

They have even gone out with a few of them on real dates.

This puts these people ahead of you.

They are prioritized over you as they have withstood the test of time.

This person doesn’t know you yet.

They don’t know whether you are capable of having great conversations with them on a consistent basis.

They were giving you a test run.

They were enjoying it.

Others beckoned in the process and they had to leave the conversation.

These are the priority matches that have been communicating with this person for much longer than you have.

Yes, it feels wrong.

Welcome to the world of online dating.

It is cutthroat.

People are on a mission.

Ending a conversation without explanation is all in a day’s work.

It wasn’t personal.

The longer you are on the dating site and as you build relationships with people, you become more susceptible to adopting the same behavior at some point.

You would have your own list of priority matches at that point and wouldn’t want anything, even a great conversation with some newbie who recently joined the dating site, to stop you from landing that coveted date with one of them if the opportunity arrived while you were still involved in conversation with the newbie.