When Doing Online Dating, How Many Guys At A Time Is The Typical Girl Seeing?

When Doing Online Dating, How Many Guys At A Time Is The Typical Girl Seeing?

It really depends on the girl.

Some girls are comfortable with only seeing one guy at a time when doing online dating and some others are comfortable with seeing about a handful of guys when doing online dating.

It really depends on what the girl can handle and what her history in dating has been like.

The girls who are the most comfortable with seeing multiple men at a time when online dating are typically the ones who have done that in their regular dating lives and have been able to handle it well.

There are other girls who see multiple men when online dating but didn’t necessarily date this way in real life.

Online dating has provided them with an avenue to see multiple men in a way that real life dating never did.

However, most of these women usually get overwhelmed with all the attention and dates and they ultimately get back to what they are used to, seeing one man at a time.

Then there are the women who are serial daters.

They may not have received these many dating options in their dating history in the real world and unfortunately become addicted to all of the choices.

These are the girls that you need to avoid when online dating.

They aren’t like the women mentioned earlier who are used to seeing multiple men at a time in their dating history, but have a healthy approach to it, knowing that they are merely seeing these multiple men for a fairly short period of time until they fully determine who they actually want to date exclusively.

No, these women who become addicted to seeing multiple men have no clear intention of ever stopping.

They tell themselves that they are only looking for their best match and when they find that man, they will stop.

They are only lying to themselves.

When they have met the best match, they still find a way to tell themselves that something was missing.

They then return to the dating app and continue searching.

These are the women that remain on a dating app seemingly forever.

You may come back to a dating app after years of absence and notice that those same women are still there.

If you are ultimately looking for a long-term relationship, these are the women that you need to avoid.

The ones that are addicted to online dating and have become serial daters.

They are easy to spot.

Normally, they are on the dating app at all hours of the day and night.

Again, they are addicted.

These are women who fall into the extremes when it comes to the number of guys that they see when online dating.

The majority of women either see just one at a time or a few, with the intent of ultimately dating one exclusively.

It is always a good idea to see a few at a time so as not to put all of your relationship hopes in one basket.

If you are used to only seeing one person at a time in your dating history, try two when online dating.

If you feel you are handling it well, maybe add one more.

Again, having a few dating options gives you a much better chance at finding your best match and keeps you from being too dependent on the outcome of any one option.