Online Dating: Should You Post An Array Of Pictures Of Yourself And Not Just Your Best Looking Ones?

Online Dating: Should You Post An Array Of Pictures Of Yourself And Not Just Your Best Looking Ones?

You should post an array of pictures of yourself and focus more so on substance than on how good you look in those pictures.

If you only focus on posting your best looking pictures on a dating site, you could easily fall into the temptation of using pictures that do little to convey the kind of person that you are.

You would mostly be posting pictures where you look your best just so that you can attract more attention.

However, most people on an online dating site who are looking for someone to ultimately date are often looking for authenticity.

They want to see an array of pictures that gives them a good idea of what you are about as a person and what your life is like.

If you fill your online dating profile with pictures of you in various poses simply because those are your best looking pictures, you could turn off a lot of people.

People are often able to get a good sense of someone’s personality by the kind of pictures that they post.

If you post an array of pictures that are more so about how hot you look in this pose or that locale, you will come off as conceited and self-centered.

Again, this could easily turn people off.

There is nothing wrong with posting a few pictures of yourself where you look your best.

However, the majority of your pictures should be of you engaged in activities that you love.

The pictures that you post give you an opportunity to provide a doorway into your life and habits.

You should pick them out wisely.

The idea is not about attracting a ton of people to your dating profile by posting your best looking pictures.

The idea is to attract the right kind of people to your dating profile.

This is what people who succeed in online dating do.

They may have initially started off with posting only pictures where they looked their best.

Perhaps they received a lot of views to their dating profile as a result.

However, they quickly learned that most of the messages that they would consequently receive would be from people who had no real interest in them as people.

Instead, they were more interested in how quickly they could meet for drinks.

If you are looking for more substantive interactions on a dating site, it is best to post substantive pictures to your dating profile.

You should also understand that it isn’t enough to post random pictures of yourself.

Try to post pictures that actually tell a story.

Use a sequence of pictures to showcase your experience while engaged in a particular activity.

This way, you will be able to give people a really good idea of what that experience must have been like.

You will take them on that journey with you.

This has a profound effect in generating a stronger sense of connection with you.

If you only post an array of random pictures of you all over the place with no real context, you will make it that much harder for people to connect with you as a person.