Online Dating: I Really Feel That Too Many People Care Too Little About Sexual Health

Online Dating: I Really Feel That Too Many People Care Too Little About Sexual Health

It stuns you how so few people on dating apps care about their sexual health or that of the person they have met of whom they are about to hook up with.

You are no stranger to meeting someone from a dating app and hooking up with them on the first or second date.

You have no problem with casual sex.

But, you want to have safe casual sex.

Yet, many men you have met and gone on to have casual sex with have been bold enough to ask you whether they can take the condom off during sex.

That is worrisome.

It bedazzles you that people could care so little for their sexual health.

Some of these men have asked you about your sexual health beforehand and taken you at your word without requiring that you both use protection.

As someone who has had her fair share of sexual dalliances with men from dating apps, you have seen enough of this careless behavior that it has left you feeling as though you are on an island.

Are you the only person who cares enough about her sexual health that she insists on practicing safe casual sex?

Surely, it can’t be.

Regardless, you are more likely to run into a man who cares less about his sexual health than does.

At least, that is what you have experienced so far on dating apps.

This carelessness has left you craving a dating app that has filters for those who care about their sexual health.

Maybe a section on the profile that asks people the question about how greatly they value their sexual health and forcing them to provide an answer so as to complete the dating profile.

Although, that sounds nice to your ears, it doesn’t really solve this issue and you know it.

What is to stop a guy from lying about his outlook on sexual health?

Many would just lie about it, stating that sexual health is important and won’t do as much in practice upon meeting a woman they felt sexual compatibility with.

This is a no brainer.

If there is anything you have learned from dating apps, men will say whatever they need to, to get laid.

Your worries about sexual health have merit.

It is something that requires greater attention, especially on dating apps.

Since dating apps came into the world, the rate of casual hookups has skyrocketed.

In turn, the rate of STIs have dramatically increased.

There was a time when people weren’t so quick to indulge in sex without supreme caution.

Since the advent of scientific breakthroughs with certain STIs, people have developed a dangerous mindset that any STI can be overcome with a pill or a quick visit to the local clinic.

Add on the prevalence of dating apps that have made accessibility to sex so much greater, and you have people who regard their sexual health with less importance than they should.

As a person who is responsible and takes care of her sexual health, the onus for you is to keep that up and require any guy you casually sleep with to respect your boundaries when it comes to practicing safe sex.

Other than this, as long as dating apps provide such quick and widespread accessibility to sex and we continue to live in a world where there is a perception that STIs aren’t a cause for worry anymore, thanks to the advancement of modern medicine, this careless behavior from people in regards to their sexual health isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.