Online Dating: Tips To Respark A Conversation?

Online Dating: Tips To Respark A Conversation?

It isn’t unusual to start a conversation with someone on a dating app that is interesting, but witness it transition into a humdrum.

The humdrum nature of the conversation leads to responses not being as quick as they once were and much less detailed.

Then the inevitable happens, the responses just stop altogether.

This is a conversation that started strong and fizzled out.

People have had this happen to them on dating apps with frequency.

You have now too.

You are thinking about how to respark a conversation that probably started strong, became monotonous and ultimately fizzled out.

It isn’t as hard as you are thinking.

Go back to your earlier conversations with the guy.

This is when conversation between you two on the dating app was robust and vibrant.

Look at what was said and find topics that you can ask follow-up questions to.

These are follow-up questions that were never asked during those conversations.

Generating follow-up questions from these topics gives you a better shot at sparking an energetic conversation because of how you two responded to these topics earlier on in your conversations.

On top of this, you can get further information in relation to these topics.

Information you weren’t aware of when you were having the conversation at the time.

Infuse extra energy into the topic by enlightening him about this fresh information in the new message you send to him.

Since it’s a topic he had already demonstrated robust energy for in earlier conversations with you, receiving new information about it that he wasn’t previously aware of makes him all the more intrigued.

So right here you have two avenues to repark a conversation through simply going back to earlier conversations and utilizing them as your source.

Besides earlier conversations, you can respark a conversation by returning to his dating profile and looking for instances where he demonstrated excitement or passion about a subject.

It could be in a subject he wrote about in his bio or a subject connected to a photo of his.

Where there is emotion, there is passion.

For example, there could be a part in his bio where he demonstrated a strong passion for animals.

Or perhaps he showed this passion in a photo of his that he took with his dog or with him on safari somewhere.

His love for animals was a topic you two never talked about in your previous conversations.

Here, you have an opportunity to respark a conversation by making reference to this passion.

Asking an open-ended question in reference to this passion in a new conversation with him is a good tactic.

An alternative would be to do your own research on the subject and share information with him in reference to his passion for animals in this new conversation.

The idea is to draw his attention to a subject he has demonstrated an emotional resonance with, which was observed in his bio or photos.

This is what compels him to respond to your new message with a whole new infusion of excitement.

Respark a conversation by introducing another medium of communication.

Sometimes, people spend too much time texting back and forth on a dating app until the spark dies.

It’s not so much that the two didn’t have romantic potential, it’s more so that they spent too much time communicating through one medium and it got boring.

Change it up this time.

Make a suggestion to communicate through another medium, such as by phone, video, social media, etc.

This creates a new environment for the two of you to chat and that alone can infuse a level of exhilaration into your discourse.

You may both realize that the new medium is more fitting for your distinct communication styles.