Online Dating: Zero Matches?

Online Dating: Zero Matches?

It’s not fun to have been on a dating app for a while now and be at zero matches.

You have written an excellent dating profile, have good photos, and yet, you have zero matches.

It has left you scratching your head as to why this is happening.

You were told that online dating is where it’s at as far as meeting a romantic partner.

You were told that there are so many dating options on dating apps.

Notwithstanding, here you are, weeks into it, with zero matches.

This is never a good feeling.

You did the work in writing a good bio and posting good photos, which makes what you are experiencing at the moment all the more baffling and aggravating.

When someone with a good dating profile receives zero matches, there are issues at play that the person is overlooking.

For one, what you have inputted as your requirements in a match.

When you have requirements that are too stringent in terms of what you are looking for in a partner, it is harder for the dating app’s algorithm to match you with someone.

What do you have as requirements for the person you are hoping to match with?

Look closely at them.

Are they too stringent?

Are there areas you can compromise on?

It’s not that you have to give up on the idea of the person you want to match with and the qualities they bring.

You can maintain the core values that you are looking for in a partner and perhaps leave out some other requirements that aren’t as essential.

Think about loosening up some of those requirements.

Besides this, look into whether your dating profile is visible to everyone.

This is more of a technical thing.

You may have inadvertently created a dating profile that isn’t visible to everyone.

It happens.

Check for that error and correct it.

That aside, consider the dating app you are on and its pool of members.

Is it sizable?

Are they active?

Some dating apps falsely give the impression that they have a lot of members by showcasing a bunch of dating profiles.

Nonetheless, in many cases, those dating profiles are of members who haven’t been active on the dating app for a long while.

Don’t be tricked into believing that you have signed up on a dating app with a significant number of subscribers, when in fact, these are dating profiles that are inactive.

To determine whether the user base is active, look at when last the person logged into their account.

A dating app that doesn’t have this feature is troublesome.

It could mean that the dating app is hiding this information from you, which points to a likelihood that a large chunk of the dating profiles you are seeing are of people who are no longer active members of the dating app.

Should the dating app have this feature and you observe that these dating profiles haven’t been visited in over a week, the dating app doesn’t have an active user base.

You can’t receive matches when there is no one there.