Online Dating: Funny Bio Or Serious?

Online Dating: Funny Bio Or Serious?

Are you naturally a funny or serious person?

Whichever it is, that’s the person you showcase in your bio.

People get a sense of who you are based on how you write on your bio and what you write about.

When being funny is a big part of your personality, you would do yourself a disservice in not showcasing that funniness in your bio.

Showcasing it lets people know that this is who you are and in dating you, this is what to expect.

On the flip side, if you are serious by nature, then that is what you convey on your bio.

The key is not to go overboard with being funny or serious.

The person you are hoping to attract doesn’t know you.

Unlike your friends and family who totally get your humor, a stranger isn’t familiar with it.

So as a funny person, when you write your bio, refrain from fully committing to the humor.

Show that you are funny, but don’t go so far into it that you lose her.

Remember, she doesn’t know you yet.

Your sense of humor isn’t what she is used to.

To be on the safe side, go with safer humor for now.

As she gets to know you over time, she will be open to witnessing increasing levels of your unique humor.

This approach also applies to you if you are a serious person.

Don’t go overboard with it.

No one wants to read a robotic bio that is filled with serious statements and no personality.

Infuse your personality in your bio so that she knows you are a human being with dynamism.

As a serious person, don’t be adverse to inserting levity here and there.

As a funny person, your bio mustn’t feel like it is trying too hard.

When you fill your bio with endless jokes, it comes off as desperate.

This doesn’t make you look good in the eyes of those seeking a match.

She sees through the endless jokes.

She sees someone who is so insecure about himself, filling his bio with jokes so as to cover up said insecurity.

A multifaceted approach to your bio is best.

As a funny person by nature, your bio has that feel to it, but it needn’t be completely fixated on humor.

Show a variety of facets to your personality as well.

Whether it has to do with your intellect, worldview, outlook, etc.

Show her that there is more to who you are besides being funny.

This is what makes you dynamic in her eyes, which then encourages her to match with you.

The same applies to you as a serious person.

A bio that is filled with nothing but serious themes and wooden statements is monotonous and boring.

As aforementioned, throw in bits of levity here and there to demonstrate that you can loosen up, or use subtle nuances or expressions in your language to demonstrate that a conversation with you wouldn’t equate to talking to a robot.

A funny or serious bio is just fine on dating apps.

Whatever personality you embody, showcase it, but don’t overdo it so as not to turn people off.