Do Your Chances Decline Drastically When You Put On A Dating App That You Prefer To Date Someone Who Does Not Own Pets?

Do Your Chances Decline Drastically When You Put On A Dating App That You Prefer To Date Someone Who Does Not Own Pets?

This is the wrong train of thought.

You are a person who prefers not to date someone who owns pets.

You have your reasons.

What matters most is what you want and being clear about that on a dating app is of the utmost importance.

Regardless of whether you believe what you want as unpopular.

The last thing you should be doing is basing your requirements in what you are looking for in a partner on what is popular or politically correct.

Doing this is completely unfair to yourself and whoever you meet on a dating app.

You would be wasting each other’s time.

Think about it.

Let’s say you decide that you won’t stipulate a preference for dating someone who doesn’t own pets and one day you are matched with someone who owns pets.

At first, you put on a brave face.

But it doesn’t matter.

In time, your act is going to be clearly seen and understood by the other person.

They sense that you are putting on an act whenever you are around their pet.

Even the pet senses that you are too.

It just won’t work.

Weeks or months of conversation with this person is now wasted because you weren’t upfront about a requirement that a potential match doesn’t own a pet.

Don’t put yourself in this position.

The beauty of dating apps is in how they attract so many different people.

The numbers on dating apps work in your favor.

With this sheer volume of people, you are bound to come across people who don’t own pets and have no desire to.

So, don’t be so concerned about whether your chances of finding someone declines in preferring that a potential match doesn’t own pets.

What’s most important is that you are matched with the right person for you.

Be unapologetic about what you want.

You have your reasons for preferring not to date someone who owns pets.

Be sure not to go on and on about it on your dating profile.

When you spend too much time overexplaining your reasoning behind not wanting to date someone who owns pets, you run the risk of making yourself come off as too self-indulgent.

There is no need to explain your reasoning behind it.

Merely state your preference and leave it at that.

Be forewarned, you might have a few overzealous pet lovers take offense to your preference.

This isn’t a given, but be prepared for it.

People who love their pets may take it personally that you state a preference for a non-pet owner.

You might receive messages from them that critique your preference.

Don’t take it personally.

They are clearly not a match for you and you don’t have to invest any time addressing their critique.

Making the mistake of responding to them only exacerbates the situation.

You are now defending yourself to total strangers who wouldn’t be a good match for you anyway.

Before you know it, you are sucked into a rabbit hole of emotional turmoil and self-doubt.

This isn’t worth it.

You need to remain clearheaded for the people who match you best, not exhausted from arguing with the people who take offense to you not wanting to date someone who owns pets.

Do not engage in conversation with any of the people who take offense.

Stay focused on why you are on the dating app to begin with.

To find the right match for you.

That takes precedence over butthurt pet lovers.