Online Dating: Girl Seems Interested, But Is A Very Slow Texter?

Online Dating: Girl Seems Interested, But Is A Very Slow Texter?

Girls receive a much greater number of messages from guys on dating apps than guys do from girls.

A girl who is very new to a dating app is overwhelmed by the amount of attention she receives from men when she signs up.

Sometimes, this means that she requires a period of adjustment.

She doesn’t know how to manage her messages this early.

She is still at a stage where she believes that she has to respond to every guy that messages her so as to be polite.

She was raised to be polite and would feel guilty if she were to ignore a guy that messages her.

So, at this preliminary stage, she is naive.

Although she has great conversations with you, she is compelled to attend to every other conversation she is having with men on the dating app.

There are conversations that aren’t that good, but she continues to respond to those guys because she doesn’t want to be rude.

It takes her a while to realize that she doesn’t have to respond to every man that messages her nor does she have to keep on responding to guys who are boring her in conversation.

Once she realizes this, she won’t be as slow of a texter to you, as she would be methodically ignoring conversations that bore her and directing her energy on attending to conversations that excite her.

This being said, there are other reasons why a girl is a very slow texter on a dating app.

Her level of interest in the guy is one of them.

Much as in real life, when a girl is a very slow texter, she is showing that her interest level in the guy is very low.

She keeps texting him, albeit slowly, because she wants to keep him around either as a backup dating prospect or for the attention.

It’s no different on a dating app.

She responds to your messages, but you are having to wait for days.

It’s never a good idea to keep waiting around on her to respond to your messages at the expense of talking to other dating prospects.

Don’t put all of your hopes on her.

Talk to a variety of girls on the dating app and show interest in them through asking insightful questions and flirting.

Talking to a good number of girls simultaneously, improves your odds of connecting with one of them.

When a girl is a slow texter, you shouldn’t take that personally.

Simply direct the bulk of your attention to girls who are showing a greater measure of consistency in how they communicate with you.

All of this being said, there are occasions where a girl is a slow texter because she is simply bad at texting and is a much better conversationalist when talking to a guy face to face.

With this in mind, don’t spend too much time on a dating app texting a girl with this disposition.

The sooner you ask out a girl like this who just hates texting or isn’t very good at it, the sooner you get her off the texting Ferris wheel and into an in-person meeting, were she to agree.

This is her arena.

Which opens her up to talking to you extemporaneously, speeding up the possibility of developing a romantic connection with her.