Online Dating: Do You Get Too Intimidated To Swipe Right If Someone Feels Out Of Your League?

Online Dating: Do You Get Too Intimidated To Swipe Right If Someone Feels Out Of Your League?

Lots of people get too intimidated to swipe right on someone who feels out of their league.

You aren’t the only one in this camp.

It has to do with feeling like you don’t match up with her.

Whether it be in looks or socioeconomic status.

Seeing a woman like this on a dating app instantly makes you question yourself and your own value.

It’s like an invisible hand has put a mirror in front of you forcing you to take a look at yourself and your life choices.

The intimidation factor is real and it is no wonder that lots of people get intimidated with swiping right on someone they deem to be out of their league.

Although this is intimidating, it is good that you are thinking about this.

There are men on dating apps who swipe right on the dating profiles of women who are way out of their league in looks and socioeconomic status, and then get angry when that woman doesn’t respond to their messages.

I wonder why.

Unlike you, there are men on dating apps who have an elevated perception of their value which isn’t based on reality.

These men have never scored women in real life who are this attractive and socioeconomically well off.

He has made himself believe that a dating app is somehow different and that on such a platform, he deserves and can score such a woman.

He is delusional and so are so many other men who sign up on dating apps.

At least, you aren’t being delusional.

You recognize that you have never dated women that look like this in your own life.

Expecting to meet these women on dating apps and date them goes against what you have experienced your whole life.

This realistic approach to online dating is your strongest weapon.

Instead of swiping right on these women who are out of your league, you pause.

This pause is a lifesaver.

You don’t want to waste a swipe on someone who is clearly out of your league.

That awareness is a prerequisite.

No doubt, you want to date a woman who looks like this.

To do it, you have to have qualities she cherishes.

Who do these types of women date?

What qualities do those men have?

This is where you have to put the work in.

Once you have ascertained what qualities a woman like this looks for in a man, look to see whether some of those qualities resonate with you and are qualities you aspire to.

If so, work on that.

Develop those qualities first.

Once you have achieved them, you will be at a place where swiping right on these women makes sense and has a fighting chance at getting responses.

The mistake lots of men make is in thinking that a woman like this would want to be with them as is.

They get a rude awakening when they swipe right on her dating profile and never get a response.