Online Dating: Being Safe Going On Dates As A Woman Who Can’t Drive?

Online Dating: Being Safe Going On Dates As A Woman Who Can't Drive?

Being safe is of the utmost importance when you are online dating.

Some women throw caution to the wind when they are online dating, believing that the text message exchanges are enough to conclude he is trustworthy.

With this wrong approach to her safety, she is quick to have him pick her up at her place on a first or second date or quick to go back to his place or hers at the end of it.

This is being too trusting too quickly.

A guy can be whoever he thinks you want him to be on a dating site, just to get you to trust him.

Although you have had intimate conversations with him that has left you feeling like he is someone you have known your whole life, you don’t know this guy.

You don’t.

All you know is what you have seen on his dating profile and what he has told you.

Even in situations where you exchange social media information and follow him, you still don’t know who the guy is.

He can present any persona he chooses to on social media too.

The point here is, you can’t judge his character this early.

You need to practice safety first no matter how much you like him and feel he can be trusted.

As a woman who can’t drive, it’s so tempting to accept an invitation to get picked up on a date.

You live in an area that doesn’t have very good public transportation.

Or, you may simply not be a big fan of sitting next to strangers on a bus or subway.

Either way, you can’t drive, and that has created a challenge when it comes to meeting the men who show interest in you on dating sites and ask you out on dates.

Using a rideshare is a great way to maneuver through this challenge in the early stages of going out on dates with guys from dating apps.

If you live in a big enough town or city, there should be rideshare options from various reputable companies.

Strongly consider using these in the early stages of meeting men.

Yes, the cost adds up over time, but there is no cost that isn’t worth it when it comes to your personal safety.

Put your personal safety first and foremost.

Money is replaceable.

Your precious life isn’t.

Use a rideshare to and from the date, even if your date makes an offer to pick you up or take you home.

It’s too early to get into a car with him alone and have him know where you live.

Since you can’t drive, consider biking too.

Biking to a date is cost-effective and provides the added benefit to your health of exercise.

Not everyone has to drive everywhere.

If you live in a city that has good biking trails, consider biking to your date.

Keep the date locations casual in the beginning, so that you don’t need to dress up.

But, even if you need to dress up, you can always pack your outfit in a bag, bike to the date location and change into your outfit in a nearby bathroom.

There are always ways to work around not being able to drive, as long as you are open to them.

Being safe is what must come first, above convenience or expense.