Why Would A Guy Be On A Dating App A Week After Breaking Up With His Ex?

Why Would A Guy Be On A Dating App A Week After Breaking Up With His Ex?

Many-a-time, a guy like this doesn’t want to deal with the emotional fallout of a breakup.

He wants to cover all that up with the quest of finding someone new to date.

This doesn’t mean that he is even looking for a serious relationship.

He is looking for a distraction.

Something that takes his mind away from the breakup.

It has only been a week and he is already on the prowl on a dating app. This is always worrisome.

Even in a situation where he had already emotionally detached from his ex by the time the breakup occurred, it is still too early to be on a dating app looking for his rebound.

He hasn’t given himself the time away from his relationship to ask himself the important questions.

These are questions that would have been harder for him to contemplate while he was in the relationship.

Questions about how he went about picking his ex-girlfriend.

How and why the relationship deteriorated.

Where he went personally wrong in the relationship.

These are extremely important questions to consider before jumping right into another relationship or dalliance with someone new on a dating app.

He hasn’t done this soul-searching and exploration.

A week is not enough time to do it.

This means that he is bound to make the same mistakes as he did in his last relationship.

By dating him, you expose yourself to being a victim of these mistakes.

Is this what you want?

It is never a good idea to date a guy who signed up on a dating app a week after breaking up with his ex.

Whether he joined to avoid the emotional fallout or he was already emotionally detached from his ex, it is never a good idea to move on this quickly.

You don’t want to have to be the one he uses as his rebound experiment.

Be careful.

A guy like this is good at making a girl think that he has moved on from his ex.

He makes it out to be as though he was the victim and his ex was the one at fault.

He tells a sob story that makes a girl feel sorry for him.

Don’t fall for it.

There are always two sides to a story.

Again, a week is way too soon, regardless of whether he was the one who was done wrong by his ex or not.

It is not enough time to deal with the emotional fallout or ask himself the right questions about how the relationship played out.

Don’t feel that you are responsible for hearing him out.

This is a common mistake girls make.

Being empathetic to his plight, she feels like she needs to listen to him and give him comfort.

Doing this is extremely dangerous.

When you let yourself listen to his sob story and empathize with him, it subconsciously draws you closer to him and you may not even realize that this is happening.

There is an uncanny way the mind draws a connection with someone it is empathizing with over a sustained period of time.

This often leads to a subconscious yearning to make that person feel better about themselves and see them through their trauma.

In the process of doing this, you quietly become emotionally attached to the person and fall for them.

Don’t let it get this far.

The moment you learn that it has been a week since his breakup, politely end the conversation and move on.