Why Do I Get More Attention From Women In Real Life Than On Dating Apps?

Why Do I Get More Attention From Women In Real Life Than On Dating Apps?

Women in real life are exposed to stronger perspectives on you than what they get from a dating profile on a dating app.

They see how you walk, talk, stand, dress, etc.

There is so much more happening when you are in a real life setting with women than what they see in static photos on a dating app.

Getting more attention from women in real life means that they are absorbing a variety of perspectives from you at once.

In a real life setting, she has a firsthand perspective on how you dress and how that compliments your body.

How you smell when she is physically close to you.

Your smile and how it lights up your face.

There is so much more going on all at once in a real life setting than what a woman sees on a dating app.

Your bio and photos on a dating app don’t have anywhere near the same effect as a real life encounter.

A real life encounter is organic, animated and authentic.

Besides this, women are highly sought after on dating apps.

Numerous guys are sending women messages and interest signals hoping to match with them.

This makes women a very hot commodity on dating apps, as they receive way more attention on dating apps from men than they receive in real life.

With this much attention, it’s no wonder you don’t receive as much attention from women on dating apps as you do in real life.

They are already inundated with attention from men.

This creates less of an urgency to give the attention back and a greater propensity to be pickier in who they select to match with.

Your dating profile is being compared to those of a legion of men who are already hoping to match with her.

When it isn’t up to par, she doesn’t bother swiping right.

Is your dating profile up to par?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t have to make it that good.

You do.

Again, women receive way more attention from men on dating apps than they do in real life.

Unlike real life where you could walk into a room and be the best-looking guy there, and attract loads of female attention as a consequence, a dating app has a plethora of men just as good-looking as you.

How do you set yourself apart?

It comes down to your dating profile.

Not everyone is photogenic or good at writing bios.

Take a look at the photos you have and your bio.

Are they boring and unimaginative?

Women aren’t as forgiving on dating apps as they are in real life.

Being that they are hot commodities on dating apps, they don’t have much patience for dating profiles with boring bios and photos.

She doesn’t forgive dating profile missteps.

Think about reworking your dating profile to reflect your personality and lifestyle better.

Make it exciting by sounding personable.

In other words, avoid sounding robotic.

Infuse your personality into what you are writing, whether that be humor, sarcasm, aspiration, etc.

Proofread what you have written.

Grammatical errors are massive strikes against you when you are hoping to attract women.

Post better photos of yourself, especially photos taken in the outdoors.

Women on dating apps respond better to photos taken in the outdoors than those taken indoors.

A woman who sees a photo of you somewhere exotic, traveling, gets the impression that you would be someone exciting to be with, which entices her to want to match with you.

A few corrections on your dating profile make all the difference between receiving much more attention from women and not.