Online Dating: Does Saying You’ve Lost 65lbs In Your Bio And Plan On Losing More Come Across As Insecure?

Online Dating: Does Saying You've Lost 65lbs In Your Bio And Plan On Losing More Come Across As Insecure?

It’s wonderful that you have lost 65lbs.

That isn’t at all easy.


But your bio isn’t the appropriate place to say that you have lost 65lbs and plan to lose more.

Saying it to your doctor, nutritionist, family, friends and coworkers is where appropriate.

On your bio, not so much.

Guys on dating apps are strangers.

They don’t know you and have no clue about your struggles with weight.

When you say that you have lost 65lbs in your bio and plan on losing more, his immediate impression is unlike what you would expect from your doctor, nutritionist, family, friends and coworkers.

Instead of praise, reverence and encouragement, his first thought is that you are working on yourself and don’t believe that you are the complete package.

This is a turn off to him.

These are guys who don’t want to get the sense that you believe you are an unfinished product.

A woman who sees herself in that light, makes them feel like they would be settling with her if they were to date her, and that isn’t a good feeling.

Yes, it does come off as insecure.

You are sending the message to him that you don’t believe that in this moment in time you are good enough to warrant his desire, but were he to be patient with you and give you a chance , you are bound to lose the weight and make him glad he stuck around.

This wreaks of desperation and this alone is enough to turn off lots of men.

On top of this, he worries that you have issues with your body and he would have to deal with you constantly complaining about it.

Besides this, he thinks about what happens when you reach your goal in losing more weight.

Thanks to what you wrote in your bio, you have already shown him that you have insecurities about your weight, leaving him concerned about how long it would take before you regain the weight?

There are a myriad of questions that go through his head when he reads your statement and you don’t want to put him on that mental trajectory.

A dating app isn’t where you go to receive praise, reassurance and encouragement on your weight loss journey.

That is reserved for your doctor, nutritionist, family, friends and coworkers.

You are on a dating app to find a life partner.

The right life partner is going to accept you for who you are, regardless of your weight.

So, it’s better for you to use your bio to showcase your personality.

There is more to you than your weight.

What else is there for a guy to discover about you?

Concentrate on this instead of talking about your weight journey.

This doesn’t mean that you are hiding anything.

It’s just that information about your weight journey is too much too soon.

As you get to know a guy and he takes you out on dates, the subject of your weight loss may naturally come up.

That is fine.

By this stage, you have built rapport with him and he has become familiar with who you are as a person to a good degree.

Should the subject of weight naturally come up while in the flow of a conversation, that is perfectly fine.

You can reveal how much weight you have lost and how much more you are hoping to lose.

Who knows.

This might even inspire him to get back in the gym and lose a few extra pounds himself.

But, relegate this conversation to something you talk about when relevant, after a sustained period of time getting to know a guy and going out on dates with him.

Your bio isn’t the appropriate place to say it.