How To Tell My Conservative Asian Parents That I Met My Non-Asian Girlfriend From A Dating App?

How To Tell My Conservative Asian Parents That I Met My Non-Asian Girlfriend From A Dating App?

Before mentioning that she is non-Asian and you met her on a dating app, talk to your conservative parents about this girl’s good qualities.

The fact that she is non-Asian doesn’t mean that she doesn’t possess some of the qualities that your conservative parents would want a life partner to possess.

Giving them this information beforehand, plants the seed in the minds of your conservative parents that this is a girl they would approve of.

After doing this, make it personal.

Connect your conservative parents to her by sharing something about her that relates to your conservative parents on a personal level.

Perhaps she is in a career that one of your parents is involved in or was involved in before retiring.

Let’s say that she is in medicine and one of your parents is or was in medicine.

Connect her to this parent through informing them about this.

This creates a deeper connection because you are now connecting her to a career that is personal to your parent.

Do this with a career, hobby, life experience.

The more personal it is, the better.

This is what establishes a stronger bond between the parent and your girlfriend, before knowing what she looks like.

Bringing her relatives into the mix works even better.

Does she have relatives who have a similar career as one or both of your parents?

If not careers, are there similarities in hobbies, life experiences, interests, etc.,?

Connecting your parents to both her and her relatives in this fashion, makes your parents feel like they would get along with not only her but her relatives too.

You are laying the groundwork here.

It is getting closer to the time for you to tell them that she is non-Asian and you met her on a dating app.

There is one more thing you can do if you have it at your disposal.

Do you have friends or extended family in your circle that met through dating apps?

As widespread as dating apps are, there is a very good chance that someone in your friend circle or extended family met their partner through dating apps or at the least, social media.

Your parents probably have no idea that these people met through a dating app.

Being conservative, they probably have reservations about dating apps, believing that they are filled with fake people and just isn’t an appropriate way to meet a life partner.

Talking to them about the fact that an extended family member or one of your friends of whom they are familiar with and care about, met through a dating app, opens them up to the idea that meeting someone on a dating app isn’t such a bad thing.

This is especially true when they know that every time they interact with this couple in family gatherings or barbecues, they have always thought of the couple as honorable and happy.

This is a happy couple within your extended family or friend group that you already know your parents love or like.

Once you have created this connection for them through using a couple that they are already familiar with, it makes it easier for them to start looking at dating apps as a viable way to meet romantic prospects.

Now that you have done all this legwork beforehand, you are ready to tell them that you have a non-Asian girlfriend and you met her on a dating app.

All the legwork you have done beforehand doesn’t mean that they welcome this news with open arms.

However, being that you have done a good job in building this girl up as a relatable human being in their minds, it’s harder for them to completely write her off.

It would do you good to introduce her to them fairly soon after.

You want them to actually experience what she is like as a person.

Invite them to dinner and have her be there.

The sooner they get to see that she indeed has a lot of qualities that they would want in a life partner for their son, the disappointment that she is non-Asian and you met her on a dating app, wears off fairly quickly.