Does Dating App Culture Make You Feel More Lonely?

Does Dating App Culture Make You Feel More Lonely?

Irrespective of the many dating options that dating apps apparently possess, it isn’t unusual for people to feel more lonely as a result of what they go through.

Several of these people talk to dating prospects on dating apps who end up ghosting them after a few conversations, without explanation or warning.

To add insult to injury, they get matched up with people, message those people, and don’t receive a response.

Even when they have gotten as far as setting up a date with someone they have been chatting with on a dating app, that person either cancels the date on short notice or doesn’t show up at the location.

All of this makes it feel like dating apps are doing the exact opposite of what they were apparently designed for, getting two people of romantic interest together.

You are not the only one who feels like dating app culture has only made you feel more lonely.

It gets worse.

Despite scenarios where a person has been out on several good dates with someone and everything is moving in the right direction, there are still examples where someone stops going on these dates.

Not because the dates weren’t good, but because they think they can find someone better on the dating app.

With the astounding number of dating options on dating apps, people have the impression that there is always someone better waiting to be matched with them.

This is what leads them to ending a perfectly good courtship with someone, in the hopes that the next match they receive will be more attractive and intriguing.

It’s a curse of riches.

There is an abundance of dating options and that has misled people into thinking that there is always someone better around the digital corner, about to be matched with them.

This dating app culture has pervaded through society at a rapid rate.

It has caused depression and a loss of a sense of self-worth in people who joined with all the right intentions, only to find themselves at the short end of the stick over and over again.

It’s understandable that you are feeling more lonely since you started online dating.

But you mustn’t let that overwhelm you.

Although several people have felt more lonely from joining a dating app, it isn’t the dating app that has caused their loneliness.

Remember, you felt lonely before you joined the dating app.

Yes, the dating app has seemingly exacerbated your state of loneliness, but the dating app wasn’t the cause of the loneliness.

With this understanding, ask yourself about why you were feeling lonely in the first place before you joined a dating app.

Were you consumed with the notion that you have to be dating someone in order to be happy?

This is where you were making a mistake.

The mindset that you must be with someone in order to be happy makes you come off as clingy and desperate.

When dating prospects perceive that vibe in you, it turns them off.

So, instead of succumbing to the loneliness, have an active lifestyle.

Get out there and get involved in activities you are passionate about or interested in.

This causes an exuberant energy.

This exuberant energy stays with you wherever you go, whether it be in the real world or on a dating app.

It attracts people with romantic potential, in the real world and on dating apps.

These are people who are so drawn to that energy, they won’t have any inclination to ghost you, believing that someone better is about to match with them on a dating app.