When You Go On A Dating Site To See What’s Out There Even Though You Are In A Relationship?

When You Go On A Dating Site To See What's Out There Even Though You Are In A Relationship?

This is when you are showing that you aren’t happy with the relationship you are in.

Getting on a dating site to see what is out there is your way of determining whether there are people out there that you would be interested in.

Depending on how long you have been dating, you have been off the dating market for some time.

You don’t really know what is out there.

As you become increasingly dissatisfied with your relationship, you wonder about what the dating pool out there looks like.

When you initially thought about going on a dating site to see what was out there, you had a degree of guilt.

This caused you to stop that train of thought and you forced yourself to believe that you didn’t mean it.

But, several weeks went by and your relationship kept getting worse.

The thought of going on a dating site crept back into your thoughts again and now you weren’t able to resist the urge.

So, you got on a dating to see what is out there.

You probably told yourself that you didn’t mean anything by it, being that you didn’t intend to talk to anyone.

This is how you excused your behavior so that you wouldn’t have guilt over the fact that you got on a dating site to see what was out there behind your partner’s back.

Even though you have done this once or twice, the problem is, you have now opened the door to you doing it again and again and again.

Exposing yourself to the temptation that exists on dating apps puts your relationship at risk.

Maybe you aren’t as worried about jeopardizing your relationship anymore.

After all, there is a reason why you finally got on a dating site to see what is out there behind your partner’s back.

You aren’t happy with your partner.

You have tried telling him that you aren’t happy and that there are issues that require resolution.

He doesn’t seem to care.

He just goes on with whatever he was doing like he didn’t hear you.

You are fed up.

Slowly, you have been emotionally disconnecting from him because of his reluctance to address the issues within your relationship.

This is understandable.

You are frustrated with your partner.

Nevertheless, consider the possibility that his reluctance to address the issues that you are having within the relationship has everything to do with your communication style.

How are you talking to him about these issues?

Are you doing it in a manner that makes him look like the bad guy?

Communicating like this doesn’t get you anywhere.

It automatically makes him defensive and that doesn’t achieve anything.

Before jeopardizing your relationship by going back to a dating site over and over in the coming weeks, consider changing your communication style with your boyfriend to see whether your relationship is salvageable.

Remember, there is a reason why you chose him as your boyfriend.

There were good elements about him that you loved.

To think that you can solve this problem by getting on a dating site and seeing what is out there could put you on a path of cheating on your boyfriend and consequently getting into another relationship that is even worse than what you have now.

Try fixing what you have now.

It isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Change your communication style by starting with complimenting him on something good that he does in your relationship.

This puts him in a positive frame of mind so that when you follow that up with an issue that you want addressed in the relationship, he is open to it.

This is how you get him to listen to you and consider what you are saying without being defensive.

This strategy of communicating aids in resolving issues in relationships.

Do this first.

A dating site may not be the answer right now.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.