Online Dating: Why Do Guys Lie About Being Liberal?

Online Dating: Why Do Guys Lie About Being Liberal?

It’s never good when guys misrepresent themselves on dating apps.

Guys lying about being liberal has much to do with them wanting what they want and not caring about the deceit.

He has been on dating apps for a while and realized that he hasn’t been receiving a ton of matches.

His dating profile was different in the early days.

He made it clear that he was conservative.

He probably said as much in his bio.

Nevertheless, after a good number of weeks or months, he realized that he wasn’t receiving matches, or barely any.

This brought him to a panic.

He looked at the dating profiles of other men on the dating app who show up prominently in search results and noticed something.

These dating profiles were of liberal men saying liberal things.

This is when the bells tolled in his brain.

He realized that in order to get matches on dating apps, he needs to be liberal.

So, he changes his dating profile to make it sound like he is liberal.

He is lying, but he tells himself that it is for the best.

He will make his match eventually see the light, after he has hooked up with her a few times.

You become the first victim of his lie.

You saw his dating profile and felt a connection with him, thanks to his liberal proclivities.

He kept up the pretense of being liberal as you two talked.

Weeks or months later, after a bunch of dates and intimacy, you finally found out that he was lying all along.

It’s a huge bummer that leaves you feeling like you have been used.

It happens a lot on dating apps.

For many conservative men who do this, they justify it by telling themselves that they had no choice.

The lack of matches forced them to pretend they were liberal.

To them, the end justifies the means.

He is aware that eventually the truth will come out, but by then, he is hoping that he has gotten laid and perhaps may be in a position to convert the liberal woman.

When you are in search of a liberal partner, these men who lie about being liberal on dating apps make it harder on you.

But there is a way to tell he is lying about being liberal before you get wrapped up in his lies and deceit.

He is extremely deliberate in how he uses his dating profile to convey liberal themes.

Looking at it at face value, it looks like he is checking every box of liberal ideology.

This is where you pause.

A guy who is truly liberal doesn’t feel the need to check every box of liberal ideology on his dating profile.

On the contrary, there are one or two areas of liberal ideology he focuses on and that’s it.

This is when you know he is for real.

He isn’t trying so hard to show everyone that he is liberal.

He talks about one or two topics in particular, as opposed to mentioning or including every hot-button liberal ideology so as to check every box.

Watch out for dating profiles that try too hard to show everyone they are liberal.

Liars do this.