Since We Started Going Out On Dates, She Has Been Less Active On The Dating App?

Since We Started Going Out On Dates, She Has Been Less Active On The Dating App?

You want this to mean that she is taking you seriously.

She has been less active on the dating app since you started going out on dates with her and this has left you feeling rather hopeful about where this is leading.

Firstly, you mustn’t misread the fact that she is less active and automatically draw the conclusion that it must mean that she is completely taken by you.

For one, what else has been going on in her life?

Has she become busier with work, school, family, etc.

There are possibly other factors in her life that has led to her being less active on the dating app.

Consider whether a lack of receiving better matches on the dating app led her to sign up on another.

The average person ends up using more than one dating app when online dating.

Could another dating app that is delivering better matches be using up more of her time?

Certainly not out of the question.

On the topic of quality matches, dating apps don’t always provide the best matches each and every week.

Some weeks are better than others.

Right now, she could be in one of those stretches where she hasn’t been receiving that many quality matches.

So, she becomes less active on the dating app as a result.

But she has every intention of picking up her activity on the dating app once the matches start getting better again.

Her reduced activity is merely temporary.

As you can see, there are a myriad of reasons why she would be less active on a dating app.

It doesn’t always mean that she is doing it because she has started going out on dates with a guy and wants to talk to him above all else.

To be sure, you would need to eliminate all the caveats aforementioned.

That is quite a task and it sucks you into a rabbit hole.

Best to not even bother with that, and instead, work on having great dates with her that are consistent, and great conversations in-between.

In other words, stop worrying about what she is doing on the dating app and how active she is.

That makes you get too caught up with factors that are beyond your control.

This sends you down the wrong path and you could end up losing sight of what matters most.

Which is, going out on great dates with her that are consistent, and having great conversations in-between.

That is all you have control over.

Applying yourself to what you can control, keeps you from losing sight of what you are supposed to be doing.

You can’t control what she is doing or not doing on a dating app.

As long as you do what is within your power to do, you give yourself the greatest odds of eventually getting her to see you as her best match.

In which case, she won’t need to keep using the dating app any longer.

She has found her guy.