How To Get Back With An Ex Who Is Now Using Dating Apps?

How To Get Back With An Ex Who Is Now Using Dating Apps?

He is on dating apps for hookups or in search of a new relationship.

The good news is that your ex is still single.

The bad news is that his presence on a dating app increases the amount of competition that you have to contend with in your quest to get him back.

Notwithstanding, you have an advantage that none of your competitors do.

You know him.

Being that you were once in a relationship with him, you know what he likes and emotionally responds to.

When you look at his dating profile, you are probably reminded of this.

Some of what he has posted takes you back to what he loved talking about and doing while you were in a relationship with him.

That lets you know that he hasn’t changed as far as who he is as a person and what he wants in a partner.

Having been his girlfriend, you know that much more about who he is as a person and what he wants in a partner.

Stuff he hasn’t referenced in his dating profile.

This works in your favor.

All you have to do is use your dating profile to subconsciously remind him that you are the embodiment of what he is looking for.

Being his ex, you know what tends to trigger an emotional response out of him.

Time to trigger it by using your dating profile as your vehicle.

Post photos around activities you know he loves.

He demonstrated that he loves those activities when you two were still in a relationship.

When you post those photos, not only do they appeal to him because they are around activities he loves, they also trigger good memories in him that take him back to when he participated in activities like that with you.

Adopt the same strategy with what you write on your bio.

Write about topics you remember he loved talking about when you two were in a relationship.

Use phrases and words that he would use when you two would talk about those topics.

Use humor that you remember he would respond to.

The idea is to subconsciously remind him about how good it was when you two were together, before everything fell apart of course.

Time deadens bad feelings and bad memories.

With time, as human beings, we typically latch onto happier memories we had with someone from our past, as a result of our innate desire to want to feel good.

When you use your bio and photos to subtly remind him about how good it was when you two were getting along, it makes it hard for him to resist the urge to swipe right on your dating profile or message you.

Physically, you are already his type.

That was proven when he chose to date you in the past.

As long as you haven’t had any drastic physical changes, his physical attraction to you should be a constant.

Remind him of just how much he was physically attracted to you by posting photos that compliment your looks.

This takes care of the physical side of things.

Being an ex, you already embody a lot of the qualities he is looking for in a partner, which puts you ahead of so much of your competition on dating apps.

You have a dating profile that you have carefully constructed to trigger him emotionally and appeal to him visually.

Now, be patient.

He may not succumb the moment he finds your dating profile.

But his curiosity is triggered, which entices him to return to it again, and again, and again.

This is because your words and photos have triggered familiar feelings in him that feel good.

Eventually, he is compelled to reach out to you or swipe right.

From here, you have a great shot at getting your ex back, as long as you repeatedly show him the elements to your character that he loved about you when you two were in a relationship.