Online Dating: What Is A FE’er?

Online Dating: What Is A FE'er?

It has you curious.

You happened to see the word, “FE’er,” on someone’s dating profile, as a word used to describe themselves, and that left you scratching your head.

A FE’er is an abbreviation for Flat Earther.

A Flat Earther believes that the earth is shaped as a plane or disk.

In essence, flat.

They don’t ascribe to the scientifically proven position that the earth is shaped like a sphere or ellipsoid.

Although it sounds crazy to believe that the earth is flat or shaped as a disk, a Flat Earther believes that he is the enlightened one.

He isn’t sheep.

He doesn’t follow the popular belief that is fed down people’s throats in society.

A Flat Earther fancies himself as a trailblazer.

The one who has his eyes open and truly sees what is happening in the world.

He looks at the world with suspicious eyes.

He doesn’t want to believe that he is being told the truth, even when there is scientific evidence proving it.

As someone who is psychologically wired to believe that everything the establishment is telling him is a lie, he develops conspiracy theories around a lot of scientifically provable situations.

A Flat Earther is constantly questioning his world, and not in a good way, where he is curious and wants to learn the facts.

He questions the actual facts.

He literally constructs a virtual world in his mind that is filled with bad actors within different establishments.

Whether it be within the government, or scientific and academic communities, a Flat Earther has an immediate inclination to deny any information coming out of these establishments.

In his mind, the masses are being misled into conforming to the agenda of these establishments so that they can be easily controlled by them.

He has no intention of being controlled by the establishment.

As a Flat Earther he has independent thinking and won’t be led like sheep.

Someone who is brazen enough to admit that he is a Flat Earther on a dating app means business.

He has been a Flat Earther for a while and has fully embraced that mindset.

Does this sound like someone that would be compatible with you?

Although you have your doubts about certain establishments and their dealings, you may not have any issue with what can be scientifically proven.

1 + 1 = 2

There is no other answer.

This equation is proven scientifically every time you test it.

With a Flat Earther, reality becomes incredibly muddled after a while.

He is so invested in the belief that the establishment is feeding the populace with bad information so as to control them, reality itself obfuscates.

A person so willing to deny facts that are scientifically provable, can just as easily deny that there is a pressing issue in a relationship that requires a resolution.

Being that he is already creating false realities about provable facts, denying that there is an issue in a relationship is inevitable.

Without open and honest communication in a relationship, with the objective of resolving issues as they arise, a relationship suffers.

Needless to say, a Flat Earther is not going to be compatible with most people, unless they are Flat Earthers themselves.