Online Dating: When A Girl Takes 3 Days To Respond?

Online Dating: When A Girl Takes 3 Days To Respond?

Girls on dating apps receive an abundance of messages from men.

A girl taking 3 days to respond to you isn’t an instant indication that she isn’t interested.

She is being inundated by messages from various men.

For a girl who is still relatively new to online dating, a period of time is required for her to figure out how to manage all this attention.

At first, to be polite, she feels obligated to respond to every message.

This is a naive mistake, given her lack of experience with online dating.

Eventually, she figures out that responding to every message from men on a dating app is as exhausting as it is impossible.

That is when she strategizes how to go about managing her messages.

When you are still in the very early stages of communicating with a girl on a dating app, cut her some slack.

Not only is she still learning how to manage her messages, she is yet to build a strong enough rapport with you to remember to look for your message the moment she logs into her account.

Being this soon in your correspondence with her, I wouldn’t write her off on account of her taking 3 days to respond to your last message.

Taking that many days to respond isn’t unusual.

Your primary concern at this early stage should be in the quality of the conversations you have with her, as opposed to how long it takes her to respond to your messages.

Having quality conversations with her is what sets you apart from every man that is messaging her.

This works in your favor with the passage of time.

She begins to look forward to your messages every time she logs into her account, knowing that she has quality conversations with you whenever you two get into it.

In the meantime, conduct conversations with a variety of women on the dating app.

Never direct the bulk of conversation at one woman on a dating app.

That is never smart.

When you are actively conducting conversations with multiple women at a time, you are keeping your dating options open.

This keeps you from getting frustrated whenever any one woman doesn’t respond to a message for a few days.

You are already keeping yourself busy by talking to a number of different women, and by so doing, preventing yourself from getting unduly turned off or upset whenever one of these women takes days to respond to your last message.

Meeting women on online dating platforms is different from what you would experience when meeting women in real life venues.

There is often a break in the flow of conversation as a result of women having to manage an account that is being inundated with messages from men.

Women who are new to online dating are considerably susceptible to being overwhelmed by this, being that they are yet to develop a strategy in how to go about managing these messages.

Although you are competing with loads of men who are messaging her, as long as you hone in on the quality of your messages, you will separate yourself from the pack and draw her prompt and consistent attention over time.

Just as in the real world, the cream always rises to the top.